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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GTHog03, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Ok everybody if I missed this while searching older threads my bad but I have managed to save up some cash for a tuner. Obviously everybody has their own opinions about which is better but I've never used one before so I'm curious as to who I should go with. I looked at the SCT flash tuner from AM and I'm leery about how much gain I can get from it. The mods on my car as of right now are:
    SR CAI
    K&N Air Filter
    78mm BBK Throttle Body
    BBK Shorty Ceramic Headers
    Off-road X-Pipe
    Flowmaster 40 series 2.5in mufflers

    That's all that I know of anyways. I had the car dyno'd back in December and it put out 282rwt and 247rwhp on 83 octane gasoline. I have since been running 93 octane because I feel it runs better with it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also this is my daily driver while I finish up my bachelors degree so I want to get the power gain without completely killing my mpg.
  2. Definitely get the SCT tuner from AM with the BAMA tunes for life. BAMA does good tuning but they are nowhere near the best. If I were you, I'd get the AM tuner with the BAMA tunes for life JUST AS AN OPTION. As far as the tune itself, if you're REALLY concerned about performance, I'd buy a $100 custom tune from VMP. BAMA is nowhere near the expertise as companies like VMP. Dallas Mustang and Brenspeed are other great tuners. There is a reason why BAMA offers "free tunes for life" is because their tunes aren't very good at all.
  3. This being my dd I'm not going to be doing any major mods till I graduate in about 2 years. I just want something that gives me that extra push at a redlight ;)
    So if I get the Bama tunes and decide later to buy a vmp tune will I lose my Bama tunes or will I have to reinstall them?
  4. Is it an auto or manual?

    Check with any local tuners, too (if you have any). Sometimes, they'll run deals on a tuner + custom tune combo.
  5. In my opinion, if there is someone local you can trust, you are usually better off. They will have the correct tools to check the tune... like a dyno and a wideband O2 sensor. Otherwise, the tune is purely guess and check by mail order, and it could be way off and you'd never know it. Sure, these are common modifications, but every sensor and every engine is slightly different.

    Personally, I am very happy with my TwEECer and the fact I can do my own tuning. But it isn't for everyone.