Wanting to get a V6... have questions

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  1. Hey guys, as explain in this thread: http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=446012, it looks like my only option now is a V6. I don't want to make that sound negative, as there's nothing wrong with them, I just wanted a little more power. However, insurance prices can be very pursuasive. Anyway, if my car is totaled, I'll be getting a mustang.

    I'd like to get a 2000 Coupe, but I'd be okay with anything 96-2000 really. What I'd like to know, is there anything I should look for? I know when I had my 95 Coupe, I had head gasket problems, but I've read that the 94-95 models had head gasket problems. Do the later 90's models have similar problems? How many miles do these years get before they start having numerous problems? Any suggestions or comments you have will be appreciated. I don't want to get stuck with a bunch of problems, so I'd like to know what to look out for.

  2. josh

    I just bought a v6 mustang and I am very dissatisified with the car. The salesman at the dealership almost forced me to buy the V6. It seems that the dealerships are pushing the v6. The v6 is not fast at all, it just doesn't have any power. I wish would have bought the gt manual, the svt cobra would have been nice, but that car is a little too expensive. If you do buy a v6 whatever you do dont buy an automatic and dont buy a black mustang. Mine is black and it already has about 30 scratches that stand out like a sore thumb and they are impossible to keep clean.

    Here my thinking is, if your not going to have a fast car(gt and above) why not just buy an suv or truck. If I could do it over that's what I would have done. you will be amazed at how many people have an opinion about a v6 mustang.
  3. well let`s see the 6 has 193hp and 235ftlbs of torque. than is not that bad considering it`s displacement
    that`s .83hp/cubic inch
    the 2v4.6 makes .92hp/cubic inch
    not a whole lot of difference
    the 6 is fine a set of 3.73`s with T-lok and a shift kit really wake up the performance of the stock power output

    why would you let a salesman "talk" you into a car? i know that`s his job but a smart consumer would never let that happen
    for the 8g`s more that you pay for the 8 over the 6 there is not enough power difference to justify the extra money. 67hp more for 8g`s more
    i can add 150 hp to the 6 for $3000.00 and have lower insurance

    of course you can get a used 8 and add even more power than the 6 but higher insurance and less gas milage are the disadvantages

    my advice josh get a used 6 for a good price and start modding it
    the 3.8 is very responsive to mods
    it was afterall designed closely after the buick v6 block and heads were designed from the 351 cleveland.
    anything that can be done to a stock buick block can be done to the ford 3.8

    i have a 98 3.8 that i put a procharger on and i love it.
    i have a 99 GT vert also and quite frankly it is a pig i`m sorry i paid the $28,000 for it for my wife. i should have gotten her a 99 T/A convertable instead
  4. If you have to get a V6 try to get a top of the line one...ie deluxe or premium coupe or conv. With the premium you get leather, and the mach 460 sound system which isnt too bad in my book. Plus conv.'s just rock in the summer!

    The difference between an automatic and a 5 speed is personal preference. I own an automatic and it aint slow...it aint fast either..but when you kick it: IT will get you where you want to go.

    MY problems so far in my 2002..

    -driver window motor broke
    -both headlights cracked - Replaced
    -Ford paint sucks! True Blue is hard to hide paint chips!
    -stupid Ford tech broke two of the cheap lugnuts for one of my rims..THEY replaced with new ones.
    -condensation in rear light - replaced.

    No engine problems as of yet..got 15k on her.

    There are alot of things you can do to free up power:

    underdrive pully's
    Dual exhaust
    among many other things. Ill let the performance modders take over.

    My feeling is this: I bought a V6 and Im not gonna bother with moding the car performance wise. Id rather put on a nice set of mach rims and good/exceptional wet traction tires and dual exhaust and Gt bumper.

    in other words all show no go for me!! :D

    Its a mustang dude, albeit a v6, but its a mustang!


  5. Man you are not kidding about that paint

    the paint is completely falling off my car scratches everywhere, you set one thing on my car and bam there is a huge scratch mark.

    I assume that many people have agreed that ford paint sucks????

    elaborate please :nice:
  6. i had a '99 laser red V6 automatic.i put 90K miles on her and only had two problems,the driver's side seatbelt reel wouldn't retract and the cloth on the driver's seat was worn out on the side bolster at about 10K miles.both replaced under warranty,then i sailed to 90K without a single problem.i've since traded it but it was a great car and wish i still had it.it was dirt cheap to buy and dirt cheap to run,it looked great and i always got compliments.for what it is,the mustang V6 is a great value and more in line with the original concept of the first mustang,cheap good-looking car with decent performance.if you really want a V8,don't get a V6,you won't appreciate it,get a used a V8,mustangs don't hold their value and you can a used mustang for nothing.but if you take the V6 for what it is,you won't be disappointed.they sell about 100K V6s a year,100K people can't be wrong.it's a great car and the '05 will be even better and it looks better than the '05 GT,IMO.
  7. V-6 with a few extras

    I got a 2000 V-6 convertible new that year--leather, Mach 460, power everything--all options--laser red with black top. Added BBK CAI, BBK 70mm Throttle Body, Borla Cat-backs and a Diablo chip. I don't know how much power that translates to but the mods have made all the difference in the world. I love my V-6 as it is today but I know it did need those mods to get it like I wanted it. Only one more thing to do--underdrive pulleys...
  8. Hey thanks for all the input guys! I have some good news. My insurance company isn't going to drop me, yay! More good news is that this accident is only going to cause the quotes they gave me last week on the mustangs go up about 20%, so a GT is still within my budget!

    oliverqueen, I think you're right. I do want a V8 and if I go for a V6, I will more than likely not be very happy with it. The difference in insurance for a 2002 GT vs a 2002 Coupe is $15... gas is a different story. What's the mpg for a stock V6 compared to a stock V8? I don't remember what I got with my 95 coupe.

    Now all I can do is hope and pray that the Acura will be totalled. I'll find that out tonight or tomorrow morning. Let's all cross our fingers...
  9. the paint on my '98 is 6 years old and 84k miles old, and is still goin strong, dont see any probs w/ it
  10. um, gas mileage is prob better on the 8
  11. about mid 20s on the 6 and high teens-low 20s on the 8. If you give the car alot of h.ell, drop each about 3-5mpg.
  12. most people get teens in the 6
  13. I get around 23-26 without any horse adders. But if I have the OD off and drive like my ass is on fire, I get about 17.
  14. why would you have the overdrive off?
  15. Thanks for all the input. Unfortunately, I heard back from the insurance adjuster and the car isn't going to be totalled. So basically I'm screwed. Guess I won't be getting that mustang after all. Thanks anways.