Wanting to trade 66 ford mustang project car

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  1. Hello :) I just joined stangnet today. I just recently aquired a 1966 Mustang in trade for my beat up 1989 Chevy S-10 Blazer. I know this was a good trade because the Blazer will never be worth anything to most people even if I restored it. But this mustang will. Problem is, I love Chevy's. Don't boo me now! If I was to ever own a Ford, I would own a mustang! But this year model isn't at all attractive to me. I am looking for a project vehicle but I won't put the passion and perfection into this car because I'm not really attracted to it. BUT I KNOW SOMEONE OUT THERE IS! So here's the deal!

    I would LOVE to trade this car for, even up (if I like your offer), for a 70's model GM project vehicle. I like a lot of different models, cars or trucks. Just tell me what you want to trade me and I'll decide if I want it.

    I live in Pa. I am prepared to make a good drive to deliver and pick up within a reasonable distance or if you're willing to do the same.

    Now about this car I got. As far as body work I was really surprised to see that exterior work, rust and holes, is pretty minor considering it's been sitting in someones front yard. The roof was replaced, but they didn't do a good job, lots of bondo. BUT, they have another roof for it in really good shape. There are 2 extra doors, an extra set of interior (both sets need reapholstered), extra rear bumper (the one that's on it is in great shape), extra rear window (the one that is in it has nothing wrong with it). Pretty much all the chrome moldings have been removed like it was going to be restored but everything has been put inside the car. I've been told that just about everything is origional, down to the 'bag' for your washer fluid! Haha! Never saw such a thing! AND it doesn't leak! Just the cap for it is missing. The motor was changed and was told it does run. It's a 351. Just in the extra parts you can sell them on E-Bay and make a profit. If this was like a 70 Chevelle then I would have laughing to myself inside thinking "What an IDIOT!" (to the person I basically 'stole' this car from). But I still know it was a great deal for someone out there that appreciates this vehicle more than me.

    I hope I just brightened someones day with this offer :) Get back to me with your offer! Thanx!
  2. Post some pics.
  3. I dont know much at all about Ford's or Mustangs. Really old Fords throw me off even more. What I have been told and what I have researched on it, it's a coupe and a 351 was put in it at a later time. It originally had the 289. We got it running yesterday and had it driving around in the yard the last 2 days so we could get all the fluids circulating in it. The last inspection sticker appears to be in 88. I just had this thing delivered to me like 3 days ago.

    It has been completely gutted inside but have like 2 sets of seats. Oh yeah, its an automatic. Dash panel is still complete and the radio even works :rlaugh: the doors still work and I believe there are still all the original window cranks and handles. Hood and trunk still work great. Floors are rotted pretty bad but there are new floor pans that came with it just not installed. The original grill and mustang symbol are in good shape same with the tail light trim.

    I'm not great with posting pics on forums. My computer skills are limited. I can send you a picture message and send you pics that way? Then you wont have to wait for me to respond to the forum. Send me a msg including your # and I'll get whatever pic you want. Thanks for your interest
  4. Yeah pls do. I would love to see them too.
  5. I'm interested in it but you're gonna have to post some pics up.
  6. any photos?
  7. worthless without pics. Good luck.
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