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  1. i usually do not do this but poor customer service has become my number 1 annoyance, especially when i am OVERLY nice to the company i am dealing with. i am posting this as a fair warning to anyone who needs parts for their car - do not order from Prestige Mustang. i should have googled "prestige mustang complaints" before i ever called them - that was my mistake.

    I contacted Prestige Mustang on 11/6/13 regarding a part that i needed for a car. I first spoke with Todd Welborn, the president of the company. I explained how disappointed i was with previous companies that i had called in search of this specific part. I explained how frustrating it was to deal with a company that displayed poor customer service. Mr. Welborn took a notable interest in this and assured me that he, himself, would make sure that i am taken care of. He stated he did have the part that i needed. I confirmed this with another employee at Prestige Mustang. I then stated that i would have my mechanic call and confirm that it was the correct part that i needed. After verifying this, i called back to speak with Mr. Welborn. He was on the phone with another customer so i left my contact information and waited on his return call. After a period of time, i called back to speak with Mr. Welborn. I expressed my appreciation for taking the time to help me. I was then transferred over to another employee that took my name, address, card information, etc. I specifically stated i wanted the part shipped to the address of my mechanic. She confirmed that. I checked my email on 11/7/13 to read the UPS confirmation and it was set to be delivered to my home address which was incorrect. I called back and she did confirm it was a clerical error on their part. She did reroute the package to the correct address but the delivery would be delayed. I questioned about a partial credit. Mr. Welborn then picked up the phone and began yelling. He stated that i have bothered him too much and that he has 'ate' the cost on this. He cursed at me stating he was tired of this "stuff" (another word was used). He said i sell these parts like candy - I am giving your money back, find somewhere else to get it. He hung up the phone on me. I called back and spoke with a different employee. I was very upset relaying all of what Mr. Welborn said. I stated that i need this part. She said i would still receive it.
    If a partial credit wasn't an option, Mr. Welborn could have responded in a calm manner stating so. I refuse to be spoken to like that when i have done nothing wrong and done nothing to provoke it. I extended extra appreciation for their efforts prior to him cursing me on the phone. This is the manager/president of this company. There is NO excuse for his actions.

    i think i will get the part ( oil filter adapter ). . . i hope i get the part. but its the principal of this situation that bothers me. THEIR mistake condones the action of Todd cursing me on the phone. up until the point he done that, i was EXTREMELY nice on the phone. i wanted to just say forget it, ill get it elsewhere but i NEED this part and its been nearly impossible to find.

    if i get it or not, the way he conducted himself is reason enough for me to NEVER call them again for anything.
  2. Local autoparts store carries that part; I'm sorry you went through that conflict for an oil-filter adapter.
  3. i have called napa, carquest, auto zone, advance and o'reilly. all say its a dealer only part. i did call ford. list on it is $358 and its special order.

    if you happen to know a part # or a direct link i would GREATLY appreciate it.

    thank u.
  4. this situation has now escalated. earlier today i filed a complaint against them thru the BBB, along with the other 9 listed on there. it did not take them long to get wind of this as they were contacted by the BBB. Lela Osborne, the president of prestige mustang , or whatever her title is, called me and said - you will not be getting your part. you will be issued a refund. we dont deal with people "like you". i was in mid sentence and she hung up the phone. i called her back and i said, you do not hang up the phone on me when i am talking. she interrupted and said " you are an idiot " ....yes, im the idiot because of the mistake your company made and you are not happy because i filed a report based on the way i was spoken to. she also said we will not be doing any business with you in the future. IF YOU CALL US BACK, WE WILL GET YOU FOR TERRORISTIC THREATS. she hung up the phone again.

    i take this very seriously. falsely accusing someone of making terroristic threats is a misdemeanor according to the sheriff's office in Monroe, GA.

    i encourage ANYONE who is even considering doing business with them - DO NOT !
  5. So, you asked for a discount because they made a mistake in shipping and corrected the shipping mistake at THEIR cost? I am sorry, but as a business owner myself, they did make it right for you with no more money out of your pocket. If it were me, I probably would have refunded you the shipping cost and that's it. Were you inconvenienced a little? Maybe. Could they have handled the situation better? Absolutely.

    That being said, I was just about to post a similar thread. They are advertising down here on the Orlando Craigslist like crazy. I called on some parts to check them out and they wanted damn near dealer retail prices, won't give breaks to shops and, are down right rude/cocky/arrogant.
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  6. i asked for a discount yes because of their mistake. whats the wrong in that? nothing. especially when i STRESSED where i wanted it shipped. this also put another delay in the delivery. i say this in the nicest way but i did not order anything from you or your company so i am not very concerned with what you would have done.

    the main issue here is how they responded to a polite simple request. cursing the customer and making threats is unexcuseable.
  7. im going to say what i said on another forum regarding this issue....

    i know there is two sides to every story and members here are only reading one side, but fwiw - my account given of what happen is factual and true. i am utterly amazed how this company conducts themselves. reading some google'd complaints from others show the same disgust that i have.

    from a legal standpoint, i am unsure what is permissable when it comes to recording but those that use such language and temperament will never actually own up to acting the way that they did. and because of that, i intend to spread the warning as much as i can.

    here are a few more links with info inside showing how others have had problems with them. this isn't even counting the 9 BBB claims (10 actually, but mine wasnt posted publically).

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  8. my BBB claim that i submitted was nearly word for word the same as the 2nd and 3rd section of my first post.

    prestige mustang response : We are not interested in selling parts to consumers with attitude problems like Mr. ******.

    contrary to what they say, obviously i am not the one with attitude problems. aside from that, its easy to see there is ZERO professonalism with this company. they would not address any of my claims against them. instead, i am the one with attitude problems.
  9. Found one on ebay for 144.00. Shipped from Texas.
  10. i really appreciate you finding that. i actually just ordered one from MPS. they seemed very nice on the phone - very helpful.

    if for some unforeseen reason it doesn't pan out, do you have a ebay auction number?

    thanks again bud.
  11. The seller is leifjohnsonfordparts and there two adapters available. I don't see an auction number, the seller should be easy to find.
  12. thanks bud