WARNING - Ford has a problem with the 3.7L Motor

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  1. We purchased a 2011 Mustang with the 3.7L V-6 in June. In August, we started noticing a tapping sound under the driver's side cam cover. Sound got progressively worse so we took it to the dealer this Monday. Upon removing the cam cover, the technician noted visual damage to two of the followers. Data was reported to Ford. Just got off the phone with the Ford dealer. Ford now says they are aware of a problem with the 3.7L V-6 with regards to early failure of the followers. They have no solution and they have instructed the dealership to put the (damaged) engine back together and give the car back to us until they figure out a fix. Thanks for nothing Ford! I guess they didn't have enough money to do real testing and their business model is that the Ford customer will do their durability testing for them. Meanwhile we're stuck with a brand new car (~6K miles) that has a bum engine. Ford just lost a customer forever.
  2. the engine has been running in a mazda SUV for a while now. i think ford just tweaked it a bit. i'd demand a new motor or a loaner car till they figure out a fix.
  3. The parts that are failing are parts that were redesigned for the Mustang application. The earlier versions of the motor used cam actuators. This version uses cam lobes directly on the followers.
  4. somehow i suspected as much. im kinda spooked. please let us know how this turns out.
  5. You should sell it and buy a chevy comaro v6 :rolleyes:
  6. **** happens. That is why you have a manufacturer warranty. Evidently it wasn't serious enough to throw the cover back on and get you out on the road again until a more suitable fix is available.

    If you weren't good with taking the car back, you should've vocalized it to the dealer better until you were satisfied. :shrug:
  7. I agree, ***t like that happens on production cars. It seems that this is a small issue as to I haven't seen or heard of this issue anywhere until now. 1wildGT is right, perhaps you should've demanded atleast 2 new followers. Beside it's not like they told you to go scratch, come back when they have a fix for the problem. What are you going to buy a Toyota? I have 3 customer with Avalons waiting 4 months for a part on the steering column that cause it to lock up when driving!!! Are you kidding me? You can't be killed with bad cam followers.
  8. You assume too much. It's still at the dealer. I'm still argueing with them over the issue. They don't know when they will have a fix. Could be a month, could be much longer. Ford doesn't have a good track record at making owners "better" when they screw up with an engine design. Don't believe me, just talk to owners of F150 trucks who had spark plugs shoot out of their engines due to insufficient threading on the cylinder head or all the 4.6L 3V owners who had two piece spark plugs break off in the head. Neither group got any fix from Ford.

    Just because YOU don't know about this problem, means nothing. Do you work for the Ford Tech Support Group? The dealer didn't know about this until yesterday (when they called Tech Support).
  9. Most guys that had a spark plug come out of their F150 is because they changed them and over torqued them. Some guys have had the factory plugs come out, but most are from people changing their own and not knowing what they are doing.

    I can understand why you are mad, I would be to. But give them a chance and see what happens. I'm sure they are going to fix your car.
  10. I don't have to talk to owners of any car. I see many cars a day, I've personally ran into 2 F-150's with plugs that shot out and who did the tune up? "back yard Bubba" When people don't want to pay their car don't want to play! Now in your case take a step back stop being the typical "microwave" American, it takes years to engineer something, it take more then 5 minutes to re-engineer it case in point my previous post. Just don't blow a gasket when you buy another brand of car and there is a problem that the dealer can't fix with the snap of their fingers.
  11. this is why i am waiting a while to see if there was any "bugs" in either of these new engines ...

  12. According to you if their engine designs are so horrible and they don't take care of customers, why did you buy a Ford? :shrug:

    Sounds like you are just impatient, don't understand warranty work, and don't like the fact that the fix isn't instantaneous.

    Arguing with them will surely get you a quality fix immediately. LOL :nice:

    As far as your comment about Ford making customers test their engines nothing could be further from the truth:


    2011 Ford F-150 | EcoBoost Torture Test | FordVehicles.com
  13. AMEN!! If they still have the car I'd have them put in 2 new followers for now being they don't have a re-design and see if it happens again.
  14. First year engines would probably not be the wisest choice anyway.
  15. of course sometimes a person may just need at a car at that time , I dont know if this is the OPs case .. and besides this is still 2010, am sure will be some killer deals when the 2012s come out even if there is no changes on them..
  16. They actually had decent factory rebates on the 2011 Mustangs the minute they hit the lots earlier this year. I got my 2011 GT at the end of July for $10 below dealer invoice.
  17. ford

    well if car is still there i would try to stick with a firm no...we buy a new car to avoid repairs,,get a loaner on them,,,they make u pay for rental...

    we have an 03 cobra and have the head problem..we are down now for head,,ford did jack to fix this problem,,,wait they did head used to cost 800 now its 1600 thanks ford
  18. i for see a future re-call.
    happens all the time, wouldn't be surprised since it's a re-designed engine.

    However if no one buys it, then the following years won't have the bugs fixed.

    Try a different dealer.
  19. Recall? Based on what? Two noisy followers on one 2011 3.7L motor. There isn't even a TSB for this.:shrug: