WARNING - Ford has a problem with the 3.7L Motor

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  1. 3.7 engine tick

    i think the 3.7 engine is pre june 2010..........but others have complained about this noise.....ford ssm21726....tsb497000,,,,,,tsb 21550..........these are u.s. so i hope they will help,,,....i found these on allfordmustangs.com............Andy
  2. This type of thread pisses me off. Just because YOUR engine has a noise, does not mean ALL of them have a noise and nobody should buy the car. BTW somebody is feeding you a line of crap ford would not have us put known bad parts back into a car and ship it.

    There is nothing wrong with the 3.7 engine.. This motor shares a lot in common with the 3.5 that ford has used for quite some time.

    I have seen ford bend over backward to fix so called problems that are normal such as the f-150 transmission I swapped out about a month ago that even the field engineer agreed there was nothing wrong with it but the customer was a lunatic so we gave him a factory production unit to make him go away.

    so if anybody here is considering a 3.7 equipped ford you can buy one without worrying they are just fine and a very good motor.

    21726 exists but what are these tsb's those are not even in the format of a ford tsb.. please post the publication

  3. Yes, Ford can't make enough of these things to sell them fast enough. V6 Mustangs are being delayed because the F-150s are selling like hotcakes. If there was truly a problem I'm guessing that wouldn't be the case...
  4. I haven't run into any noises from 3.7's yet so I"m guessing its a rare condition.
  5. Need help with Ford tech explanation (3.7L related?).....

    Trinity is a 2011 V6, manual with 21K miles. Two weeks ago the check engine light came on so she went into the Ford dealership.
    Camshaft position sensor Bank 1 error message. Sensor was replaced and I picked her up.
    The next day, not only did the check engine light come back on, but it sounded as if I had put a custom ground race cam in her. Lobe, La, Lobe, La Lobe.....really spaced out and irregular! This time I put my code reader and it read Camshaft position sensor Bank 2.
    The cars idle was so bad and rough I had to have it towed to Ford.

    What I was told is that the cam phasers have apparently gone bad, which caused a horrendous timing issue that has possibly caused a valve (or valves) to drop into the piston chamber. Which has possibly scored the chamber wall.
    Thus, the dealership has brought in their "heavy engine tech" to pull the engine to inspect if a new block is needed. Ford is doing their part and I have no complaints about how they are handling it.....but I'd like a little more explanation. Can anyone help a girl out?
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  6. Went down this road with a 3.8 Windstar head gasket. After some heated discussion, the dealer paid half the cost of the repair, and a year later, we got a check for the rest from Ford.

    At 150k, it blew again. Fixed it myself for $400, although it was somewhat of a pita engine to work on. Still got 8 Fords!

  7. It is pre june 2010 build i noticed mine the other day, just at 52,000kms , called service adbisor, goes in to have a look at it and get the work done soon, not a major problem, more of an annoyance.
  8. Hi Trinity2011,

    Happy to know the local Ford dealer is addressing this concern. If you like, I can arrange a call from the Customer Service Manager in your area. For me to do so, please send a PM with your contact information, dealer name/state, approximate mileage, and VIN.

    Hi jmwall1975,

    I’m sure a representative from the Customer Relationship Center in your area will be more than happy to lend a hand. If you provide me your location, I’ll be able to research and forward the contact information.

    Have a great evening!

  9. noemi , i live in calgary alberta canada
  10. Hey jmwall1975,

    Thanks for the info. A representative from the Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Center will be able to assist with your concern. When you have chance, give them a call at 1.800.565.3673.

    Take care!

  11. So i had the vehicle in , they performed a TSB, still have the tick. Brought it back in they claim its not as bad as it was, i have a video and shot a new video after tsb, I SEE NO CHANGE. Called ford customer service and they say they have to stand by the dealership WTF is that. Customers always right my ass, i guess it goes for a trade Camaro maybe, new challenger maybe no ****ing way will it be ford
  12. I love how Toyota remains the epitome of quality and reliability. Whenever any manufacturer has issues, the response is, "Toyota has issues too!"
  13. Funny part, I was talking to the parts and service director of the local Honda dealer and he told me that Honda's have the MOST recalls of all car companies. He said Honda has excellent P.R. people and nobody has any idea!!
  14. ... and then there's the tards on the other side of the isle that think the very ground that honduh/roytota walks on, has been hallowed by Christ himself. :rolleyes:
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  15. I have a 2009 Mazda CX9 with the 3.7 L Ford sourced V6 and I too notice some tapping on cold start up. Is this normal? when the engine warms up it goes away though, could it be the oil? I currently use 5W-20 synthetic. I am used to ticking valves that's normal but tapping is something else.
  16. Has the Dealer done anything about your problem the engine? I would sure like an update. I've been thinking about a 3.7 V6 for my 2002 Explorer, at least from 2011 or newer F-150, It's only because the 3.7 from a F-150 would be built better because of the size and weight of the Truck. I do love Mustangs, but I love the automatic-four-wheel-drive of my explorer. I would have to get a trans and automatic-transfer-case to fit a 3.7.
  17. I would like to know how many miles people have on their 3.7 Mustangs.

    I've been thinking about a 3.7 V6 for my 2002 Explorer, at least from 2011 or newer F-150, It's only because the 3.7 from a F-150 would be built better because of the size and weight of the Truck. I do love Mustangs, but I love the automatic-four-wheel-drive of my explorer. I would have to get a trans and automatic-transfer-case to fit a 3.7.
  18. I would like to know if later engines are better.
  19. You're replying to a thread from over 3 years ago.

    That said, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the 3.7 is a BEAST of an engine, and very reliable. (I have one in my 2014 F150). Having worked at a Ford dealership for the past few years, I can tell you it wasn't the 3.7L F150s and Mustangs we were stocking parts for and seeing in the shop, it was the 5.0 in both models and the 3.5 Ecoboost in the F150. The 3.7 is sold in much higher volumes in the Mustang than the 5.0, and at a respectable volume in the F150, and honestly, they just don't break. There's a guy on the F150 forum I post on that's approaching 280k miles with his 2011 3.7L F150, and that's with a tune and some bolt-on mods. The 3.7L in my F150 gives me 15-20mpg highway on any given day, tows VERY well (3.73 gears, towing package, and a good transmission help a lot to make such a small engine handle the big work), and makes all sorts of awesome sounds at WOT when pulling to it's 7000RPM redline.
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  20. We are having the very same issue with our 2012 and have been told its a NORMAL noise!! I am taking screenshots of your posts with me to the dealer in the morning, I am not stupid and I know that this is not normal AT ALL. Thanks for posting! Hopefully it helps us, California does have lemon laws so....