Warning: Upgrading Guage Cluster

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  1. I will do whatever I can to get it installed.
  2. excellent!! i wish you luck!! keep us posted as to your progress

  3. Sorry for the delay, last few vin #'s are 455198813. I never thought to look at what day it was built on. I used to work at a Ford plant and I know what Fridays were like :cheers: . Hope you still get the chance to get the IUP installed.
  4. how do we interpret the build date from the VIN?
  5. i was told by someone on a different forum that only the cars with traction control have the harness. i wanted to upgrade my stang to the my color, but i don't have the harness. i also don't have traction control. don't know if this helps you or not. keep us informed if you can install the harness..... i would like to have my color installed on my car.
  6. I don't know if anyone knows for sure if the traction control is the point at which the full harness is installed. I think it's speculation. However, it seems so far that most people who have been successful have the traction control.

    I have seen the post you are referring to.

    I am at the end of the line, I think. A parts manager friend of mine wrote to his Ford Rep to see if he could help.. unfortunately, he wasn't much help, either.

    Here is the text of the email I got back from the Ford Rep.

    Not that it will matter, but here is the last response that I sent back.

  7. If this is the case, it looks like Ford blew it. The cluster is a desirable option many would probably buy after production but by not including the harness to save a buck or two Ford has lost many dollars because Mustang owners can no longer upgrade to the cluster.
    Someone on the corporate level didn't think this one all the way through.
    Many of us also could not get the cluster because of the suit over MyColor that had to be resolved and delayed production for awhile.
    Saving a buck here can cost many down the road.
    I could give other examples of ways Ford has cut costs and irritated its customers. Such as including front floor mats but not selling rear ones alone. Or no coat hooks in the rear of a new Escape Limited. The most expensive model has no place to hang your coat.
    No key on the passenger side of our Mustangs. The list goes on and on.
  8. I don't agree with it, either. I can say that my last car I bought new, a Honda Civic, didn't come with floormats at all. I had them throw them in, but they weren't included with the car. I've never heard of that before.

    Also, the key on the passenger side not being there is more and more common nowadays with different cars.

    Crazy thing about the clusters, though, is that the price of the entire IUP option is $450. People will likely spend more than that after the fact to get the cluster alone.

    They would actually make more money off of the cars that DON'T have the IUP on them.

    Very ridiculous. My only option now is to buy an entire harness (~$350) and pay for someone to put it in (several hours). Not worth the money.