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  1. how do you guys deal with dealerships if you're car's still under warranty but you have some mods. i have an x-pipe and catback but my warranty's good for 7 yrs or 70,000 miles. right now i'm at 5 yrs and 46,000 miles. i drove in snow for an hour and a half friday and my car hates me for it because something's either severely wrong in the driveline possibly clutch, or my dad thinks it could be a bearing. when i was at red lights once i got off the highway the oil pressure would blip to nothing sporadically. anyone have any advice?
  2. take it in for the warranty, they cant deny you driveline warranty because you have a new exhaust setup
  3. that's what i was thinking, but you never know. i've heard some dealerships reject anything that's modded.
  4. they cant reject your problem because no aftermarket part you added could have affected it, and if they do, its illegal..

    if they give you trouble, just out wit them, it not hard