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  1. does all this retuning talk give the dealers more doubt on if something goes wrong with the car? say if i get it retuned and something goes wrong and i have intake/exhaust are they gunna say "well the retune screwed the whole setup up, and its the cause of it" or will they REALLY look into it?
  2. Be real dude.

    Think about it.

    Ford loses money when warrenty work is performed.

    Ford is not in business to lose money, they are in business to make money.

    If you have to go into the dealership for warrenty work, make they car as stock as possible.

    Dont tell them anything they dont need to know.

    Why get into a pissing contest if you dont have to.

    Now, theres a difference in hiding NOS vs removing a CAI.

    Thats the difference between being dishonest and being smart.

  3. u must have woken up on the wrong side, and for that....im sorry. but when i put catback and CAI and REtune the computer for these mods, it pretty much ruins warranty. now say something DOES go bad motor wise, and i must be towed, im not havin time to pull and install each componant, and also retune the computer to stock. most computers have a log now that shows whats been tampered with....including tune/retune......now.....will it void warranty to do these? on the whole car, not just the part installed. but seein the computer would be tampered with.........it would deal with the whole car.
  4. This has been discussed to death. They can NOT void any part of the warranty unless the fault is caused by something you installed.
  5. Ture, but they will be able to atribute a retune to many engine problems, maybe even if your door falls off, they will say the retune allowed you to go to fast and jar it lose :)
  6. The only prob with that is they have to prove it to be the fault. AKA if you threw a rod, they would have to prove that the retune and CAI (or whatever) was at fault. Not just that they were installed, so they "might" have done it.
  7. So, technically you could get away with a supercharger as long as ford cant prove it does damage, or did damage to a part directly...
  8. exactly.