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  1. So guys, I was contacted by a dealer overseas about trying to sell me a 1 of 50 "warrior" edition 2014 mustang GT. I had to look it up on the internet. looks pretty nice. orginally $41000, But i could get it for $35000. how do i convince to boss (wife) that we have to have this. I cant see it not being worth something later on down the road..... what are your thoughts?
  2. oops, was looking at posts for my 89 and posted this in wrong forum....
  3. Man I don't see anything that couldn't be copied really cheaply. It's got an air filter and some decals from what I see. I don't see the added value as it's not a ford, saleen, Roush Shelby variant and not really collectible in that sense
    Just my .02
  4. true..... it would just be another ford that would take money away from the wife.....i was just wondering about the only 50 made.....
  5. I could spray paint a horse on the side of mine and call it a 1 of 1.
    I'm not at all saying to avoid a new 5.0, they're fantastic cars.
    Just that I personally wouldn't bite on this particular special edition
  6. Ford is notorious for making all of these "special" mustangs to get people to pay up for for them. For that money you can get a Boss or used Shelby
  7. im not made I got mine. I would love to see you paint a mustang and sell it as one of one. there is way more to this than you know.

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  8. ???
    What does"I'm not made" mean exactly?
  9. eh fuggetaboutit ya know. frikkin wiseguy
  10. Especially being his first post. You know what they say when it comes to first impressions, they are lasting impressions!

    I agree, dealers or manufacturers do have some weird tactics to sale something that is supposedly a low number edition, like decals, and paint. Still in the end a run of the mill stang.
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  11. I dont mind the car what I dont like is Ford attempting to use the Military angle for profit. I know when I was active duty (long ago) I didnt want a special one off car, I wanted a normal car at a better price.

    But that is just my opinion
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  12. Ford is notorious for throwing badges, stickers, stripes on cars and trying to gouge consumers out of premium prices for these "special edition" cars.
  13. "im not mad" I seemed like there were people saying its just another mustang. I got my on the deployment im still on. this car means so much to me. one it's my first new car 11 miles on it. two, when I take it to car shows it will be talked about. and for 35,000 bucks yeah im not mad. yes it was my first post, but I feel like they were saying thing I didn't like about my car. im sorry but you wont let someone say things like "how many gt500's did they make? what the big deal?" or "oh it's just a V6?" you can feel how you like about me, and in 40 years im HOPING to show you how rare this car can be. so start the crap talking I know its coming.
  14. This being a car sold to soldiers im glad it not a GT500 wannabe. I would never be able to afford that, this is a car that I wont likely see at a car show. Anyone out there, would you pay 35,000 for a mustang like that?
  15. Well that is a sticky question, it is not what others would pay for that specific run, it is all about would you pay that price. There is always a car out there that others will say is over priced, but there is always that special someone that will buy it. Listen to your inner self and make that decision yourself. If you tend to lend a ear to others and their thoughts, regrets always sink in later. Just my 2 cents worth.
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  16. You wouldn't see any spray painted horses at a car show either.

    You like the car, you're happy with the purchase. That should be all that matters.

    But it's a BS package IMO. My opinion shouldn't mean that much
  17. When I was active I hated the "support our troops" car magnets. Who's "our troops!?" The magnets were made in Bangladesh or some sh!t. As for special edition cars they're only worth what someone will pay for em.
  18. Almost as funny as the damn berets for the special forces Obama ok'd being made in CHINA.
  19. Marketing ploy by military exchange, meh. I wonder if the vin even denotes it as "warrior edition" Will only be worth what some other idiot will pay for it