Was the color changing dash and MPG reader an option for 05s?

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  1. The 05 I am about to buy doesn't have the cool dash with changing colors and the MPG readouts and stuff. What year did it come standard because the owners manual has it in there and talks about it? Wish it had it but can't pass up the deal over it.
  2. On the 2005 base GT trim, that was part of something called the Interior Upgrade Package. It included MyColor, volt and oil pressure gauges, the trip computer, and aluminum finish on the dash, shifter, and steering wheel (as opposed to interior color plastic). I don't recall whether or not that was standard as part of the GT premium trim. It was not on the V6 premium trim.

    Somewhere along the line between then and now, it became standard as part of the premium trims on both V6 and V8 models, and not available at all on the base trims. It was either with the 2010 facelift, or one of the later years of the 2005-2009 body style.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess on 05s the premium GTs it must not have been standard as the one I bought does not have it but is a premium. I wish it had it but not the end of the world.
  4. It can be added.
  5. It was an option on the 05 Premium cars.. You can add it, but as I recall you have to have the dash re-programmed for the serial number of the car and that takes a dealer. I believe that they had to keep your old speedo cluster if you did that.. Memory is a bit rusty on that...