35th Anniv was this i good buy?

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  1. Hey guys im new to this so sorry if its not done right. I just bought a 1999 mustang gt le for 6,000, it has 99k miles, auto, full limited edition package(seats, decals, dash panel, and so on). It is in excelent condition, paint is basically flawless along with its interior, and runs like it was brand new. I tried to add some pics on here but sure if it worked, i think it was a good buy, but yall have more experience with this beast, Please let me know thanks

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  2. After almost 10 years and just under 100,000 miles, I'd say yes you got a good deal. I would not take less than $8500 for mine with just 67,000 miles(although not for sale:) )
    Send me a PM with your VIN# and I can tell you what number your car is of the 4,628 total built.
    If it takes me a week or so getting back to you, don't panic. I have just been busy with a new job.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks i appreciate the response. I sent you one already did you not get it? it had my vin# in it
  4. I have it on my "to do" list.

  5. congrats buddy you got the fastest color, ;) lol! silver here too!
  6. ha yea i guess if you say so, im interested in getting a cold air intake and was wondering what one gives you the more bang for your buck? im looking at a bbk because i already have the bbk O/R x-pipe with flowmasters. Thanks
  7. It's not red but it still looks great! LoL Hope you have loads of fun with it! :)
  8. i would say thats a pretty good deal... if you are going to buy a intake i would get a JLT thats the best cold air. but i would put gears in it first:nice:
  9. yea man i was thinkin about it, i want swome 3:73, i raced an 01 gt 5-speed last night that had the same exaust as me but had some gears, he put maybe a 1/4 of a car on me, maybe :D i was excited.