was watching NOPI yesterday

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  1. and this guy had a 93 tubeframe ranger well they had the hood off working on the motorthe valve cover and intake were taken off but I knew as soon as I saw the cam housing(or what ever its called) I knew it was a 2.3, and it is...

    That ****er is pushing about 1600hp with that som****(IIRC)....

    Now iam not a reall big fan od drag racing but I am impressed when ppl can squeese that much power out of somehting is just ****ing impressive.
  2. I think it's closer to 1200hp...though it's never been dynoed.

    That is Don Nase btw...they are based in new jersey. Fastest 2.3T based vehicle on the planet...
  3. By the way if you're watching that NOPI stuff (shich I don't) look out for a girl named Garnett Mingledorff. She's one of the NOPI models and was in the same automotive program as me last year here in VA.

    Stinger: "fastest 2.3T based vehicle on the planet"

    You must be forgetting my pinto ran 13.8....in the 1/8th.
  4. based in nj???
    where abouts..???
    i would love to go see him at the track sometime...

  5. Ahh I couldent remember exactly but thats the **** having the fastest 2.3 on teh planet....

    All I know is that turbo was ginormas
  6. :banana: