washing/waxing mustang....what is the best products?

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  1. like the title sais.....what is the best cleaning and waxing products...im looking for a nice shine.......thanks

  2. They should just make Tomustang a mod already... :shrug:
  3. I like to do a clay bar treatment, next I use the NXT wax then I use the Polish they sell at Harley Davidson..i think it was call T-100.

    If your looking for a complete high end system look at the Adams line.
  4. I just ordered Z-Best car wax. I will see how it works and take pics after I wax her. Its suppose to be a good wax.
  5. autopia.org
    Read up young Jedi
  6. Thats the EXACT combo I just used yesterday on my stang. Works pretty good.

    Its S-100; its a pure carnauba wax not a polish.
  7. Meguiar's three step process, after a good wash and clay bar treatment. Shine's it up real nice.
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  9. Clay bar treatment ? I'm listening.....
  10. You HAVE to do the clay bar. Clay bar it :nice:
  11. I like to use the Meguirs 3 step wash. Paint cleaner, Polish, Wax. Takes time but that is the fun part about washing a car cause it comes out beautiful. Below is my old mustang that I routinely used the 3 step shine on.

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  12. Never used the clay bar, never really heard about it. I used Eagle One Nanowax and Mother's clearcoat repair on the car last weekend. Both products worked well; the Mother's took out a few small light scratches on the clearcoat and the Nanowax did a great job giving the car a deep shine.
  13. i use jeffs werkstatt.
  14. i just got done laying and using the meguire's 3 step on the car i just bought last week.

    Althou i did two steps of polish so really 4 steps. Final result is...

    Now keep in mind this car was cared for but the guy just use turtle wax basic stuff.

  15. Looks good man
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    Come on guys... the clay bar is just to clean the surface. You have to actually use a wax afterward. Go to your local auto paint store, get some good meguires wax. They will point you in the right direction. IF there is a heavy oxidation (whiteish haze from airborne pollutants, chemicals, acid rain, dirt, and whatever else there is) you have to get a cleaner that will work to get it off. By going by the paint store, the "experts" if they are worth a hoot, will point you in the right direction. I have always relied on a paintstore's recommendation cause hell, they sell the paint, and deal with it and all aspects 24/7. I don't go to an autoparts store or walmart to get it. Above is my 93 SHO. Look at the shine on that bad boy. Never claybared, just some good ole rub-a-dub.
  17. Shines pretty good man. I agree I never use the clay bar all I use is the 3 step Meguires and love the shine it gives. It brought out the paint again on the camaro that I used to have after it had been sitting in a barn for over 10 years. To bad it couldn't get the rat pee smell out of the mint condition interior lol. All that would have fixed that would be a new carpet.