Wassup Guys?

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  1. been a long time since I've been really active here. good to see some of the same names around. havent driven my fox in a while and I havent worked on it in even longer but I still have grand plans for it and hope to have new pics up soon. Motor on and speed safe.
  2. super cool we were just talking about you the other day
  3. Hi

    Don't feel too bad. I've driven my Fox 26 miles in the last 2 years
  4. yikes mike.
    I've just been plagued with electrical issues ever since the fire. It was one thing after another and I just couldnt look at it anymore. Had to take a step back. Decided to sit on the car until i had money to buy all new harnesses from Ford and get the body work that it needed done. That escalated into purchasing a saleen body kit to balance out the ridiculous wing on the back.
  5. Ha..i want to take mine off. I have a plain LX wing i need to paint and then it's bye bye Saleen wing!
  6. Mine has sat for a little over a year now for what was planned to be a month long project changing the interior to black. I'm having withdrawals though, need to get it back together soon.
  7. So are you saying you want to sell that Saleen wing?
  8. You guys need to get up on it! I drive my car constantly. Just this afternoon I hung the ass end out in front of a new Camaro who was tailgating me, much to my wife's chagrin. :D
  9. Hey! THis is the first time i have been on in a while too. Actually I have lost interest in the car, but its been with us for so long I cannot bear to sell it. So it sits covered in the garage wasting my space....
  10. I just sneak in the back door now and then to see what you jerkys are up to.
  11. Mine sat from mid October till just a few weeks ago. I blew a header gasket out at the track and decided to do long tubes. LT's turned into a whole new exhaust system, and I found a few other things that needed repair. I need to replace one of my A/C lines that is currently interfering with the headers, charge the A/C, and make a few minor tuning changes. Then it'll be all good again.
  12. my car has been sitting for over a year now as well. parked it to replace a busted fender and door, which like the rest of you guys, opened up pandora's box. now i have a turbo kit, all wheel disc 5 lug swap with 04 gt calipers, 31 spline axles, detroit truetrac, and a complete black interior waiting to go on after i smooth then engine bay and repaint the entire car. :nonono:
  13. HAHA wow. I know the feeling. Finally able to drive mine around after 2 years working on 5 lug/rear disc, H/C/I, and paint. Glad that is over with. But now I need a damn clutch. It never ends.