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  1. david dalby [email protected]

    do not know what his sn may be.......
    was going to trade my screen for his rims.....passed up one offer for another set of rims..cause he said he would trade ......then sent him 60 dollars to help pay for his shipping....then spent atleast an hour takeing the screen out..... went to ups payed for shipping...but had it held until he would send the rims out..... I told him once he gives me the tracking number then i would sent the screen out..... Well NOW he changes his mind.....says he doesnt want to trade.... but he said he would send me my 60 dollars back...dont know if he will or not yet!!!!!!! BE CAREFULL OF THIS MAN!! let other people know too....... ( no matter what im out atleast 30 dollars for the shipping and maybe another 60 i passed a trade for other rims....and now have to spend another couple hrs to install the screen again)