Water Pump Bolt Broke Off Inside (with Pictures)

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  1. thats really not even an option. if anything ill have to just drill it all out and create a new thread.
  2. also the stud is slightly sticking out of the block. couldnt i possibly just have a good welder weld a nut to the end of it and try that?
  3. J, he snapped off the easy out in the BLOCK. Looks like time for a tow to someone that knows what he is doing before the OP ruins the block.
  4. Rotsa Ruck said the little Chinese man...

    Easy outs and drill bits cannot be drilled with ordinary drill bits, it takes a carbide bit, which is extremely hard. It is also extremely brittle and very easy to break if you apply too much sideways force. if you break off the carbide bit trying to drill out the broken easy out, there isn't much left that you can do. Last time I checked, thermonuclear devices were not available for your needs...

    You need to get the old broken bolt out before you can tap and HeliCoil the hole back to the original bolt size.
  5. ive realized now i completely used the easy out entirely the wrong way.

    if you look at the picture i posted of the easy out after i broke it you can see that not much of the thread broke off into the bolt. couldnt i buy a "carbide bit" drill out the easy-out tip, then use a new easy (going to get a good brand name one this time) and retry the easy-out method.

    the bolt looks like it would come out possibly if i could just get the easy-out in correctly. i've also soaked it with penetrating oil and heated it up multiple times
  6. Let us know how that works out for you.
  7. Was that sarcasm lol?

  8. Same here.
  9. I was asking a question I wasn't saying that's for sure what I was going to do. Could I a carbide bit work and I could retry the ez out correctly?
  10. I can almost guarantee the carbide bit is going to shatter once you try and hand drill the extractor out. You need a rigid setup for carbide, and its expensive. You might go through 2 or 3 bits to get it out, if at all. No to the welding also.

    If its sticking out the block a little. You can't grab it with a vise-grip?
  11. Never mind. I just saw your pics.
  12. And use oil on the bit and bolt. It doesnt really matter what kind as long as you use something. Engine oil is fine.
  13. You realize if he breaks off the carbide drill bit then the block is toast, or if he lets the drill bit walk it will oblong out the hole. A carbide drill bit is very brittle and you cannot use a lot of force on it. IMO he has a better shot at trying to drill a small adjacent hole in the bolt and then try to use another easy out in that hole or a reverse drill bit to tryand remove the bolt. Only other option I see is bring the car to a machine shop and hope they can fix it.
  14. I would try that but how can I put another easy out in adjacent to the one in now? it's in the center.
  15. I know, he could go around the easy-out and straight into the threads. You have to be careful. You could also do it steps. Start with a 1/16 - 1/8 - 3/16, or maybe 1/8 - 3/16 - 1/4

    IMO the second hole is going to be way too small for a big enough easy-out to free the bolt. It looks like the easy-out that broke was a large one.

    I just don't see many other ways to get it out other than like mike said about taking it to a auto machine shop.
  16. If only a little of the easy-out broke off in the hole you can try and drill a small hole right next to the easy-out and use a pick or something to try and pry it out.
  17. ^^^^^^This is where Pandora's Box is now, .......however below was pre-Pandora. all you had to do was take an existing bolt length and mock size it up against the drill bit and the hole for the "close to depth" and erring on the side of being short for safety reasons. If the interior of the bolt is gone it had nothing to press outward onto the threads, so 9 outta 10 times it will just all fall/ blow out or twist out with a little help.

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  18. Well this thing turned a mole hill into a mountain.....

    At this point based on what I've read id strongly suggest having an educated professional drill the bolt out they will have all the tools, knowledge and patience. Slow and steady wins the race here that bolt is not easy to get out now.

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  19. Yup, Pandoras Box and Murphy's Law is making a 14 episode-long season right about now, should be winning an Emmy soon, they're always winning those [email protected] things!!!