Water pump gone wrong


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Planned on taking the bike out for a nice ride this morning. However, went out and saw a little puddle under the Mustang. Water pump weep hole. No biggie, I had one in the garage, along with all new water lines. Allright, it was nice out, go for a ride after that is done......:(

Well, that was about 8 this morning,now the Mustang is in the garage, down to a shortblock!:confused:

See the sig, had all the goodies sitting on the shelf, figured now was as good as time as any....besides, it got too windy to enjoy a moto ride:)

Stock cam is staying in...Eddy performers, Scorpion 1.7's, and a Holley Systemax 1 lower are going on. Stopped to push the stang from the driveway to the garage...(wind is annoying)and have a sandwich. Next it is gasket scraping time.....oh, and a new waterpump is going on!:cool:
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Break time, 1 head installed, rockers temp installed. Running to the store, going to replace some hardware. Installing headers on the heads, on the bench. Much better that way...I think. Intent is to get the heads on tonight, torque the rockers, and then throw the lower on. Gotta do a correctional custody escort tommorow morning, but should be done wrenching tommorow evning....key word is should.....(hoping the fox valve covers work)

I'm actually enjoying this...I miss being a mechanic...although I can feel my back getting stiff from leaning over. Oh well, loving the black finger nails!!


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Wrapped up for the night. Heads on, rockers adjusted, lower on and trqd. Couple little do-dads hooked back up. Gotta get longer bolts for the valve covers, no biggie there.

Only casualty is an MIA fuel injector....think it just fell off the rail and to the floor..... or its hiding in a frame rail...or maybe the lifter valley...I didn't feel like looking for it...besides that everything is going back together smooth.(knock on wood) Swapping the headers off the car and on the bench makes it.......almost enjoyable.

Only question, (I've never done it before) Stud mount rockers.....followed the how to in the sticky. zero lash, half turn and locked it down...even threw a trq wrench on all of the little poly-locks. Turning the engine over, everything is smooth, looks like it works as advertised. But....are the rockers supposed to wiggle...for clarity, it's a slight left and right movement, the fulcrum portion is tight. I'm assuming oil pressure will cure that...just curious if it's normal. I didn't pay too much attention to it, but I think it's when both valves are closed.......


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Nov 29, 1999
They should be ok once the lifters prime up. I remember having the same concern when I did my H/C/I years ago. Although I didn't quite get the process of finding zero lash at first, so I ended up doing it a second time, since all of my valves hung open and I had no compression.


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Almost done....didn't get back to it until about 4 today, it's all back together except for.....wait for it.......the water pump.

Irony slapped me in the face....went to put the pump on...no gasket. I ordered a new pump from LRS a while ago, didn't think to look to see if it had a gasket....wrong. Had a Fel-pro 302 gasket set, waiting for this day...thought it had one...wrong.
Ran to the parts store, they had one, brought it back....wrong (one). Try again tommorow.

Sucked putting the valve covers on...I mean, the nice heads and rockers are all covered up now. By the way, Fox V/C's work with 1.7 stud rockers, on eddy heads, with a systemax lower and a Kenne Bell. Searched a bunch before doing this and never found that combo....in terms of said pieces fitting. Understand the KB is a bastard when trying to make other parts fit.


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Got the right gasket yesterday. Water pump installed.....well, everything except the upper lower rad hoses is on. Oh, gotta throw the ccrm bracket back on also. I did hook up the battery and turned it over a few times.....didn't hear anything bad. Should be running tonight...again key word is should. Fill with coolant, change the oil, set the timing.......

Nice thing about this is taking the time to find and fix all the little things. All the rotted vac hoses, loose hardware, questionable gaskets.....all cleaned up! I'm toying with recovering the seats with the covers/foams from LRS soon....needs a new paint job also, but that is gonna wait until I get some orders and move out of New Mexico....weather is just crap here, can't have anything nice.

If this all goes well....FOX throttle body in a few weeks. Got all the parts for it...would have done it now, but I'll be swapping to a (used) lightning MAF, as well as used TPS and IAC. Wanted to get it all together and running....less to troubleshoot if something isn't working as advertised. With the MAF, 42lber's will be boing on as well...then I get into the realm tweecer neccesity.....again, want make sure it all works together to eliminate troubleshooting. Little redundant having to remove a few parts to get to some parts...but it's kinda fun (for me).
Nov 4, 2011
Excellence. I have all my parts in the garage waiting to go on as well waterpump, timing chain, cam intake. I'm inpatiently waiting to save up for a good pair of heads then my entire top end will be torn down as well. I want to do it all in one swap. Sounds like everything is going smooth with your car. Thats great man. let us know how she runs once your all done.


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Well, got home from work....routed the belt, put the rad hoses on, put some water in and.....turned the key.

It started right up.....let it run for a minute.....had a quick look under the hood. Didn't see anthing leaking, on fire or what would generally make you say dang...gotta take it back apart.

In now for dinner and play with the kids for a bit. Gonna let the headers cool off, then bolt the h-pipe back up, set the timing and take it for a spin. Let you know how that goes later tonight.....


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Took it out....good to go, like....real good to go!
3 snafu's to clean up. 1Oil press sending unit has a little leak 2 Forgot to tighten the lower part of the hardline that runs from the EGR to the header 3 My dizzy is actually from a fox type mustang, has the mount for the ignition module on it. Was fine on the stock lower manifold, but it hits the Holley lower. Gonna pull it out tommorow and grind it down, will be good to go...still have to set the timing properly. It ran ok, but I could see it is way off w/ the timing light, couldn't turn the dizzy to get 10 degrees. 7 seconds with a grinder will clean that up.

that stuff, oil change and coolant servicing tommorow.....might even go through the car wash


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Nov 29, 1999
Boca Raton, Florida
C'mon, you did all that without taking any pictures? It's cool to go back to these threads 10 years from now. I just read the 347 thread I made back in 2005, was showing my boys. Was pretty funny to see all those pictures again.


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C'mon, you did all that without taking any pictures? It's cool to go back to these threads 10 years from now. I just read the 347 thread I made back in 2005, was showing my boys. Was pretty funny to see all those pictures again.
You know....I thought about it. Almost grabbed the camera, everyone likes the photos in the thread. But, I was just enjoying getting dirty again. Heads have been swapped on 302's a million times before, nothing new here. That's why I don't post alot, been on here since 04, only 5xx posts. Prolly look around on here every few days, but I use the "search" alot. 99% of the time, with a 5.0, it's been done before.

Looming on the horizon is the Fox TB swap....I'll take pics of that. Might even restore the seats with the covers/foams from LRS....actually haven't seen that yet, photos and lessons learned might help the next guy.
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