Water Soaking Passanger Side, Cant Find Answer In Other Posts


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Dec 30, 2015
I have a 2006 V6 convertible. I had a ton of water in my passenger side, and through this forum figured out the problem was a clog in the piece behind the windshield, causing water to come out behind the glove box. I cleared it out, and it was fine.

Now, a week later, I looked over and both the front and rear floor on the passanger side is saturated, I vacuumed out the water and it was almost 2 gallons. I cannot figure out where the water is coming from.

I thought maybe it was residual from the issue last week, but the bridge between the front and back floor was completely dry, so it doesnt seem like its coming from the front and splashing into the back.

I also took out the back seats, as I saw recommended on another post, but it was entirely dry.

The rubber above my window was a little loose, so theres a chance water came through there during the last rain, but it was a LOT more water than I would expect for just a little crack, and my seat is completely dry.

Really appreciate any suggestions, especially links to videos that show how to solve whatever might be wrong.



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Jan 12, 2000
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If the 06 has the same cabin air filter as the 08., then the drain from the cabin air filter clogs ups, and rain pours into the passenger footwell. You may not find the problem until the middle of a thunderstorm.

Remove the cabin air filter and clean out the drain on the bottom of the box.

The only other source would be the ac unit condensate drain, but mine has not had that prob.

If you already did this, then you may have another problem.
Nov 3, 2015
My 2005 Coupe did that a day after I bought it ( used) Remove the cabin air filter and I bet the bottom half of the filter will be soaked. It is a little hard to get to, there is an oval rubber one way valve to let gravity drain the condensate. Use your hand and pull out all the leaves, twigs in the water. With a bright led flashlight on the right side of condensate container using a small screwdriver gentley push the driver through the oval valve and you should hear water pouring out. When empty use paper towel to wipe out dirt and flotsam. Install a new filter and snap it back together.
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