Forced Induction Water to air intercooler

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by nickstone302, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I was informed by my dyno guy that 10psi on a stock block with no intercooler is a bad idea. Anybody have any information on water to air intercoolers and know or any good manufacturers.

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  2. Why not air to air?
  3. Air to water equals less piping

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  4. Lol Idk I'm open to anything

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  5. Just get a coldside kit from b and g turbo kits
  6. What would you run for a intercooler.
  7. Anyone run a cx racing intercooler?

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  8. The nice thing about air to water, is that air to water intercooling has an efficiency rating of 4:1 while air to air can at best achieve only a 1:1 efficiency ratio. In other words, if the ambient air temp is 100 degrees F. the coldest the air inlet charge can be is 100 degrees F. While a water to air system can actually make the air charge temp below ambient. The trick is fabricating a air to water system for a pushrod engine that is simple and cost effective.
  9. Pinging is bad regardless of how the engine is built and you can split the stock block without an intercooler. I would be more inclined to plumb a water injection system instead of an air/liquid intercooler.

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