Water Wetter Work?? ...trial W/ Gauge Pics

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  1. does water wetter have a corrosion inhibitor? i thought antifreeze also had an anticorrosive function for the internals, run pure water for a little while and you'll rust everything inside...
  2. According to the link I posted, the alternative Purple Ice does have a corrosion inhibitor.
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  3. I wonder why royal purple says not to use the purple ice with distilled water if no anti-freeze is being used.
  4. Someone needs to step up and do a purple ice test this season so we can compare all this. I will take a pick of the type of coolant i used also. When i was reading material about all this, the type of coolant had reactions to the water wetter/purple ice, apparantly they both have anti corrosion, they are reacting to the type of coolant. Maybe thats the whole reason they want you to use water only with it :shrug:
  5. I run strait water and have zero rust issues.. I hate to call bull $hit here...
  6. Ah, but you hot that good South Jersey water :rolleyes:
  7. Fresh from the well.... You better believe it!
  8. I ran 2 bottles of water wetter in my 94GT and C&R Aluminum Radiator from Steeda. My car rarely went over 210 degrees and I used Auto Meter gauge to track. These pictures taken while in July with 100+ Temps in South Florida. It really does work.

    This with a 347 Stroker, AFR 185CC heads, Holley Intake, Custom Crane Cam, 75MM Throttle body, 1-3/4" Long tubes Ceramic, P.M.S. tuned.


  9. What was your formula % and coolant/water color results after 6months??
  10. I've read of people using that with distilled water or certain antifreeze and it totally gumming up the cooling system. Do a search on BITOG. I try to avoid Royal Purple products in general. Too many horror stories. Same thing with water wetter.

  11. So it seems that all this additive stuff is no good in the long term, no matter the brand. I will probably just stick to the typical mix of glycol and water.
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  12. That is great as long as you stay off of the racetrack. If you go to the track they do not want vehicle with antifreeze running because if you have a spill it is hell to clean up. Just water or water and water wetter will just evaporate and is much easier to clean up. So for everyone's safety, most tracks do not allow you to run with any antifreeze in the cooling system.
  13. BTW, Red-Line Water Wetter is recommended for use with distilled water, and Royal Purple recommends that you do not use distilled water, but instead use filtered tap water or bottled water. Both products claim the best results are obtained by not using any antifreeze.
  14. No track for me. I just don't want my coolant system getting gummed up.
  15. Hi dont want to question your deep knowledge 84Ttop and im not an expert on all the permutations but internal rust does happen, and items such as rad, pumps and other parts are highly susceptible here is a link to the current antifreeze products and impact on the internals. mainly on newer ford product... i guess the 302/5.0 isnt a cast iron block if youre not getting rust etc... spent enough time seeing what depleted antifreeze does to know, perhaps there are variances between DD and dedicated use vehicles?

  16. Distilled water like 60/40 really. My car was never a daily driver. The aluminum radiator, 180 stat, water wetter and this mixture was just perfect all year around. Here in South Florida we don't deal with cold weather at all.
  17. x2, there are usually no easy fixes that dont lead to bigger problems down the road.

    At 98% of the tracks, they are never going to check, nor could they enforce people running antifreeze. With all of the street cars in the world that go putz down the track does everyone really think that all the guys with newer muscle cars, or the kid running his mom's G35, are going to flush all of the coolant from the system for a few quarter mile passes?
  18. at my local track they do....understand why but sucks to change it out...
  19. They spot check at the tracks I go to. Many people get away with it, but the policy is if you wet down the track with antifreeze, you and that car are banned, unless you show that you have no antifreeze in the car each time you show up. It is a mandatory inspection for you from then on.