Water Wetter Work?? ...trial W/ Gauge Pics

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  1. Im glad ive never been anywhere that does that. People have leaked anti freeze at my local track before and they get it cleaned up pretty quick.
  2. I hope the WW works out for him, but being an old school type of person, I am very leery of any "snake oil" additive. I figure if it worked, then the manufacturer woud recommend or use it. The only additive that I know works in a modern EFI motor is Techron.

    I've seen and tried for fun a bunch of these miracles in the can from
    PTFE products
    Motor Honey
    and so on.

    MMO does work on motors to free up rusted parts and clean out sludge, but I wouldnt use it on an engine that ran well.
  3. I've never seen diddly dick of difference in any of the cars I've tried WW in.