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  1. until i can make it stop.. its max speed is 0. I hate 4 wheel drums.

  2. you don't know what a real car is until you drive one :spot:
  3. :eek:

    Ok I draw the line here. I love original cars/parts etc but I will not drive a all drum brake car :nonono: I love older cars like stangs etc but if I had one there would be a brake convertion in their very near future :D That is unless I only drive the car 2-3 times a year, but what fun would that be :shrug:

    If you can't aford a convertion kit look into parts off a simular newer car. I did this once with my 68' Chevy, I found out that I could use any spindles, cals, rotors from any 73-87 Chevy truck. This did mess with the original look some since the older trucks had 6 lugs and the newer ( up till 99) used 5 lugs but I didn;t mind it much. So with that in mind you may can do the same but don't quote me.
  4. Yeah, I like to come to a complete stop when i drive, you know the breathing thing and all, So I will have to agree that the brakes ate a good thing for a car.
  5. I drove a guys 69 Mach 1 with 351c, 4spd over the summer. Eventually he told me to drive hard which I did. I then discovered it had 4wheel drum too.

  6. I cant help it I have an oppinion about things.
  7. All I said was Hi. :shrug: Did I brake the law? :p
    :nice: :)
  8. not a dating forum :notnice:
    PM each other if you want
  9. Not a bitching forum :notnice:
    Go to www.BitchHere.com

    I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali.
    I'm going back to Cali, huh, I don't think so.
  10. True that. I'll get back to my forums. See ya Crovax and other mustang owners later. :flag:

  11. When will you all realize that this is a Crovax forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The world may never know.
  13. "Hey this isn't a dating forum, can we get back to bashing people who attack fellow mustang owners?"
    ... YET! j/k
  14. always has to be some moron at ever message board...and for your info i have a 5.0. not everyone wants 20 V8s, some like to save gas and some like to have 2.3l to fix up differently.
  15. More like 20 4cl stangs, collect the whole set :D

    The truth be known a 5.0 can get just about as good MPG as a 2.3L(T). It's all how the car is built and drove ;)
  16. A Mustang is a Mustang, its alright to have a 4 banger stang. :)
    I get plenty of compliments on my lil faded old 4 banger stang.

    I'm proud of the lil car.

  17. Speaking of which I found a ...... never mind

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