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  1. I almost had this coming on my moms 97's Gran Am:eek: Some 18 wheeler blew a rear axle in front of her going down Interstate 20. Thank God no one was hurt except the car. It riped up everything under the car including but not limited to: exhaust clean off, Trans pan riped up, oil pan (small hole) and two bent rims/tires. I thought I was going to get stuck with it because of his company being a pain but his insurence payed up a week later.
  2. Well, somebody on Turboford told me you're supposedly supposed to be able to do the water pump on a 2.3 Tempo from underneath the car. I don't really see how as there really isn't much room to work up under there, plus I think your arms would fall off if you had to hold them up for as long as it'd take to get that damn thing out of there.

  3. I bet it's 5 times the PITA of replacing a starter and keep in mind the starter is heavyer. They are probaly going by you have every tool ever made, a lift and a shop assistent :rolleyes:
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    Let's get back to bashing haters and discussing how 2.3 owners are pussies! :rolleyes:

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