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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm Anthony Etchison and I am the owner of AE Collision & Customs, a body shop located in Eugene, Oregon. I would like to tell you a bit about my shop, myself, and a cool new product I'm betting you haven't see before - a raised Cobra hood.

    I started out in the auto repair business in 1998 doing paint prep, and became a head painter at one of the larger shops here in town in 2000. I picked up body work knowledge along the way as well. Just shy of 3 years ago I opened the doors of my own body shop.

    I have been a huge mustang fan my entire life. The car I bought when I turned 16 was a '68 mustang (in need of some serious work). I've had my '95 Cobra for 10 years now, and some of the work I have done to it include: the flat black paint with the raised cobra hood, glossy black saleen wheels, roush side exhaust and side skirts molded in, and molded vents on the quarter panels. The motor is a keith kraft 331 stroker all forged, factory gt40 heads port and polished, vortech supercharger, vortech aftercooler system, holley systemax intake, bbk headers, off road h pipe... there is a lot more, but that is the gist.

    I had been talking about doing a raised cobra on the hood of my car for about 5 years before I finally was able to make it happen. I ended up getting together with a high end custom car builder (who has been in the industry for 40 years+) and together we came up with the best technique to make it happen. After I finished it, everyone kept telling me, "You need to do something with that hood!" So, here I am, attempting to do just that. I have included some pics, but they really don't do it justice.

    In order to get some of my work out there, I'm willing to apply the Cobra emblem and completely prep the hood for paint for $1500. The hood will come to you in satin black paint, ready for a painter to scuff and shoot. I can paint it for you for a bit extra, but color matching is a concern if I don't have your car in person to color match to.

    To be clear, if you supply the hood, there is no core charge, just the $1500 and the shipping. If you want me to order you a hood, the price will go up according to the price of the hood. If you want to have more than one hood done, I can give you a bit more of a price break.

    The technique used to create the cobra can be used to do just about any design, and can be applied to most car/truck/motorcycle parts. If you want something else done, let me know, and we can discuss pricing.

    You can find additional info on the hoods, and view some of my paint work at our website: aecollision.com We are still working on revising the site, so not everything is up yet.

    You can also call for more info, or to order, at 541-484-3970. You can also e-mail me at [email protected]

    Thanks for your time!

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