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  1. Maybe not the most technically advanced car around, but with a huge selection of upgrades to pick from, its not too difficult to make it do what some high dollar cars do.
  2. the robin top gear skit is fantastic.
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  3. the fox the 911 and the acr cracked me up
  4. I find the most unpredictable part of the Fox is the rear end. No doubt about it. It does remind me of driving a Corvair. These are the only 2 cars I've driven where the rear of the car ended up going down the road before the front of the car. The interesting part is they both do it, but for 2 completely different reasons.
  5. We simply must become better at driving our cars backward at high speeds...:)
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  6. 4 of my favorite cars are on the list! I do not think the BBS really gets cars. A Viper on the same list as a 3 wheel roll over waiting to happen? It is a dumb list. Besides, I like Corvairs and obviously Mustangs. Hanging out the rear end is fun!
  7. The author has a lot to say about the fox...he goes on twice as long as all of the other. Funny though!
  8. Not to often you see the fox on the same list as the Model T, Viper and a AC Cobra;) .

    They make it sound like the Mustang was a complete flop, the production numbers speak differently. Way back in 85 my dad had one and it handled just fine right from Ford, I think it was as good as anything produced in that era.

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  9. Of course the fox is going to be tough to drive when your use to driving cars with three computers and two dozen sensors to make sure that the car is still going straight.
    Didn't and wont read it. I would guess that its another piece by a freelancer trashing popular cars with a strong following hoping to generate enough visits so the author can pay the rent on his :poo:ty basement apartment.
  10. Funny that the Fox Mustang made the list of worst handling cars, but every Mustang before it was ignored. Anyone who's driven one of the pre'74 models without a Mustang II front suspension swap knows that a Fox body handles like a BMW by comparison.
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  11. Very nice! Great list to be on :)
  12. Oh, of course it is. Any given article from Jalopnik or other sites like it are nothing but articles just like that. These guys praise obscure Japanese station wagons from the '70s with underpowered 4 bangers and sheetmetal the thickness of tissue paper, and yet somehow find flaws in cars like the Fox, a chassis that single-handedly started a performance revolution. Still, it's a funny read, because what he's saying isn't far from the truth.
  13. they should talk to a drag racer about the supension... they will give you its the best factory installed suspension EVER!
  14. I laughed my ass off the first time I saw that. The part in front of the news camera was just gold!
  15. I don't know if it is one of the worst handling cars ever, but let's face some facts, the Fox Mustang can be a handful. When we are talking about driving on the limit, the car has one of the worst sins, which is understeer up to the point of snap oversteer.

    The article is correct that the suspension on the Fox is just not very good. The front suspension suffers from a combination of problems - insufficient ackermann, positive camber in compression, not enough steering angle, the list goes on and on.

    The rear is an abortion all together. Poor axle control, followed by complete bind (Hello snap oversteer!) then unload and rebind again.

    Due to the inherent understeer, when the thing decides to snap the front wheels are already turned into the slide and it makes it very hard to catch.

    I love the Fox Mustang as much as anyone, but the suspension design leaves a lot to be desired. The aftermarket has done a great job improving on it, and with 3-5K you can get a pretty good handler. At that point the biggest problem is simply weight distribution, which is hard to fix with the engine ahead of the front tires.
  16. I always thought my '03 GT handled much better and was much more controllable in a powerslide.
  17. How much different is the suspention setup on the 99-04 then on the 87-93's. I know that there are some parts that interchange but some are different.
  18. Haha seriously. If I had a nickel for every Fox car I've seen in single digit 1/4 mile ETs with stock or mostly stock suspension...

    Of course, the car snobs of Jalopnik and the like don't recognize drag racing as noteworthy.
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