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  1. Hey all.

    Sometimes even the best laid plans can fall through, and they did , the car we had set to display in our 30x40 foot Carlisle booth did not meet it's deadline. I gotta admit it's a bummer, the car was a looker!

    What we're looking for, is a Mustang that is an immaculate representation of an original interior!The exterior needs to be clean and classy. We're game for a custom exterior, as long as the interior is original and clean...scratch that, IMMACULATE. (or if you have a TMI interior, of course that is preferred!)

    If your car fits this bill and you'd like to trade up from the scorching sun to a nicely shaded VIP booth at this weekends Carlisle show, please email me pictures of your ride (inside and out) to:

    [email protected]

    We're still rolling in w/ an army of our interior parts, but would love to have a Pony in the tent. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the right person sees this post!!