Weakest link(s) of 2.3l?

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  1. I'm sorry, I couldn't find another thread dealing with this, though I'm sure there are others out there.

    What is the weakest link or links to the 2.3l? Pistons, conn. rods, what? When does the block crack, and what size are the head bolts, 7/16"s? Heck, are they opposing 4 or inline 4? Also, are they OHC I guess? What rwhp are turboed and built up (are there any, I'm sure there are...) 2.3l's putting down? It'd be kinda fun to mess around with one and see how much power n/a a 2.3 could put out since they are so cheap. :D

  2. :scratch:

    OK, first off, the ONLY company that I know of that has build opposing or flat fours anytime recently is subaru.

    Anyway, on Turbo 2.3 the general concensus for the weakest links are the rod bolts (although they're still pretty strong), and the hydraulic anti-pump up lifters if you want to go over 7000 RPM or so. On the n/a engine add the cast pistons to that list. If you're talking about the weak link performance wise it's the cylinder head.

    I don't know when the block cracks :scratch:
    don't remember what size the head bolts are, yes they're OHC, don't have any horsepower figures on hand.

    That's probably one of the weirdest strings of questions I've ever seen.
  3. hey man, i'm just trying to learn, we all have to start somewhere. i know nothing of imports and almost as little about 4 cyls in general.

    Does the 2.3l mate to a T-5, or what manual tranny do y'all use?
  4. Same T5 as the 302 except for a different gear ratios and input shaft.
  5. lol i gotta agree with Red_lx, that is a compliation of random questions! N/a power on a 2.3 is not CHEAP, the cheapest way to make horse power pound for pound ( :rlaugh: lol , or is euro for euro?) is to swap in a 2.3T motor, which is

    A:forged pistions(more strength)
    B:Turbo(more fast)
    C:Abundantly found (usualy, if u live in syberia..just forget about it)

    Depending on the year of the 2.3n/a it can be from 88 to 105hp factory shipped.
    Like stated, they are OHC inline 4's.

    Rwhp when turbod is a dangerous guess, usualy ~200hp ( with a lil boost) too who knows, ive seen 700+hp on a highly tweak 2.3, pretty much the sky is the limit.

    Headbolts? if u mean pulling the headbolts i know u have use either a 12-16 point socket, its skipping my mind as to the size..though it seems like ive done it to many time already :mad:

    when does the block crack? lol how many licks does it take to get to the center of a lolly pop?

    keep it real
  6. You'll have a hard time finding out when the block cracks because they don't seem to unless something else fails and is thrown through the block.

    I believe I remember hearing about Joe Morgan breaking a crank at around 900hp on the dyno. That may have been rwhp, since I believe his Focus is around 750rwhp on the stock crank and the 900hp engine was one they were trying to push a little further.
  7. Head bolts are 12 point 13 mm only pulled the head once but I remember the size just like the drive shaft to pinion bolts are 12 point 12mm and I only pulled that once too, over 2 years ago
  8. Thanks for the info guys. Wouldn't it be interesting to put a small eaton twin screw blower on it after fabbing a new intake? :)

    We are working on a V6 mustang design and though the m90 may be too big, i'm sure we could find another source of used/recycled smaller displacement blowers. Hmm. Is everyone that is power added pretty much turbo, or nitrous?
  9. Just curious but why is the m90 too big for a V6 when it came stock on the supercoupes and grand prix(even thoug it was two different versions)? Curious because I have those too.
  10. careful, I asked about a suprecharger once and was almost shunned. They'll put out less boost than a turbo usualy. I'm sure others will tell you of the evil of superchargers.
  11. Porsche Boxster has a flat four.
  12. Neat idea, just if your going for max power supercharger wont get you there.
    A: belt driven (robs hp)
    B:rpm limited (i could be wrong here, i dont think they make a cutch pulley deal for superchargers)
    C:Would be a pain to fab a setup on a 2.3, where a turbo is very straightforward

    just some of my thoughts, it would be a unique setup no doubt...i would like to drive it once or twice, but i think id rather own a turbo setup. :nice:
  13. it sounds like you are incorporating the old supercharger/turbo debates... in which case i could mention turbo lag and that roots blowers reach full boost at 1.5k-2.0k rpms (the later being p/p'd, a well flowing intake/air delivery, and the first being our stock engines (V6 for me)). a roots blower would add displacement and give the small motor much needed torque. it'd make a better short track car any day if it could be made to work. the turbo would win the long track race though once it spooled.

    i do see the more reasonable side of your post that turboing it would just be easier. i have access to a shop that can make a custom instake for just the cost of alum. i'm not saying i will, but it'd be interesting to see what a bored/stroked 2.3l --> 2.5-2.8l with a m90 or smaller s/c would put down along with some 4v volvo heads. it's good to know the block is solid... any head walk or idiosyncracies of the 2.3l?

    sorry, i meant that the m90 was good for 3.0-5.0l displacements but too big for 2.3l 4 cyl's.
  14. The weak links are stock pistons, the hydralic lifters as stated will pump up and create a mess. for $1.60 you can add about 400 rpm to the lifters. The other discoveries we have made is that with a big cam and springs every once in a while you will break a lifter boss in the head. also the blocks will crack usually in the #1 hole when bored over .030 and used hard they will tolerate out to .060 but seem to not like abuse at over .030. the bottom end is good for 8800 rpm and stock cranks are good for 9600 rpm. and they will make around 220 hp N/A thru a single 2 barrel carb. These power levels are not really streetable but run up front on the circle track in the 4cyl. class. they will live all season without trouble too. :nice:
  15. if you wondering the weakest link...Im guessing power :-D turbo it!
  16. silly v6 guy, only one head on these engines.
  17. Sounds good in theory but it just isn't true. I get full boost of 22psi by 2500rpm. I can dump the clutch at 3 grand and have full boost instantly...I can run clear through the gears from there and never drop below full boost. So much for "lag" :flag:

    BTW...the fastest 2.3 Turbo on the planet just ran mid 7's

  18. the weakest link on a 2.3 is the A4LD behind it, and those stupid Ignition Control Modules... cant believe those stupid things just POOF stop working and your car doesnt even run anymore. Then they put it on with a special tool... dumb design.