Weather is getting warmer, NJ shore meet??

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  1. So I was thinking, would anyone be interested in getting together late April for a cruise or just to show off our rides in NJ. I live in Middletown, and I know the owner of a beach club who's lot we could use for a meeting area. It is right between the river and beach, awesome place for some scenic pictures as well. If anyone one is interested let me know, I see so few Mustangs around, I figure we should rally these Ponys up.
  2. i want to go i want to go!!!!!!!!! I'm from sussex.. the very top of new jersey
  3. Thats what I like to hear, anyone else??
  4. X marks the spot. Thats where the two parking lots are, the big one which would be better is on the river and holds about 325 cars and the one across the street closest to the ocean about 75. The building immediately to the south is a very good restaurant with bar and deck overlooking the river so you can convince a lady friend to come along. Red Bank, is to the west, and Ft. Hancock, aka Sandy Hook is immediately to the North. This overlooks NYC and has incredible old barracks used during WWII to defend NYC Harbor. Really a great are for a cruise.


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  5. By the way these photos were taken in 1995, if you notice immediately to the north of the jetty (where the sand stops) there is no sand. Thanks to the US Army Corp of Engineers there is no an immense beach that is reverting back to an all natural state thriving with Ploving Pipers, and other endangered shore birds. Also, there is currently a plant that was previously extinct in the area that amazingly has made a comeback for reasons unknown on this beach. It really is a good way to see our tax dollars at work for the environment.