Wedge Base Dash Lights

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  1. Hi folks,
    First post. Hope this hasn't already been answered and I missed it. I would like to replace my 1895 bayonet base dash lights with 194 wedge base lamps. Y'all know of a 2 wire pigtail that will accept the 194 and snap in the round holes in my instrument cluster?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Why would you want to do that?
  3. Why not? Wedge base lamps are more readily available and have a longer life. I consider it an upgrade.
  4. Not sure I ever had an issue with dash bulb life, but if you do want to upgrade why not shoot for LED's. Going from one incandescent to another doesn't seem like much of an UPgrade.
  5. I have every intention of going with LED's. I didn't see any need to say all that to get the info I requested. I tried bayonet based LED's already and they won't stay in the sockets. So, if I have to change the sockets anyway why not go with something more modern? Does that satisfy your curiosity?
  6. I dont believe there is a socket made to do this ,the wedge light bulb sockets like in the newer cars have an indexed hole in the cluster and a twist in socket ,and the older ones just push in
  7. Just trying to help Spunky. I'll move on now.