Progress Thread Weiand Stealth 8020 Connections

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  1. Hi All,

    I've been off for a while just buying engine parts as the budget permits. Getting close to starting the build now and I have a couple of questions.

    I just bought a Weiand Stealth (8020) intake manifold and am wondering what holes get fitted with what hoses, connectors etc and what holes get plugged (see picture)? I'm running a 5 spd trans. Does anyone have a diagram that helps with the connections?

    Weiand Stealth 8020.jpg

    Second question is about the carburetor. Would you recommend mechanical or vacuum secondaries, what's preferred? I'm running a Comp Cam 281HR in a 1987 HO roller block that's being converted to carburetor.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. a and b are vacuum ports, you can use either one or both, plug the one you dont use. i suggest looking at your current intake and see where the vacuum fitting(s) are and place them in the same spot on the new intake. near as i can tell, c and d are bolt bosses, they are there for some applications that have a brace that holds the a/c compressor in place, the other might hold the ignition coil. use them or dont. e and f are coolant ports for temp sensors, on early cars you would use the one near the outlet, on later cars you would use the one near the head, some cars even use both depending on the set up.
  3. use F as the heater hose back to the heater box ,other heater hose goes to water pump ,use E as you temp. sender. C and D are just bolt bosses but check them sometimes they the enter the intake port and need to be plugged . if you have an auto trans. A or B will work. power brakes can also go to either A or B
    you can use one for both auto trans and brake booster and plug the other one.
    i would go with a vacuum secondary carb.
  4. Thanks guys. I have no intake to reference as I'm starting with a clean canvas. With vacuum secondaries either A or B holes would need to be connected to carb correct?
  5. no, the big port at the back of the carb. would go to the pcv valve and a vacuum nipple from the carb . to the dist .advance. i would hook up the pcv valve in the valve cover to help keep crank case pressure down.