Weighed my 91LX convertible Mustang today

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  1. Specs on car:

    1991 LX convertible
    2.3L 4cyl
    stock 7.5" rear
    A/C. PS, PB, PW, PDL, less than 1/8 tank of gas.

    Front axle: 1720lbs.

    Rear axle: 1300lbs.

    Total weight: 3020lbs.

    That should figure to about 57% front/43% rear weight distribution.

    I was actually suprised it weighed as little as it did. I was expecting it to be between 3300lbs and 3400lbs.

    I was suprised to see it is so nose heavy. I was also suprised to see the rear end only weighing 100lbs more than my 1980 Mustang Ghia hatchback.

    If you were to add a 5.0L V8 you would add about 100 lbs to front axle.
  2. interesting numbers...however with a full tank of gas the total weight would be higher and the weight distro wouldnt be so nose heavy.
  3. One gallon of gasoline weighs roughly 5.8 to 6.5lbs per gallon depending on specific gravity. At max a full tank adds little over 100 lbs to rear.