Weight Guess, And 1/4 Goal With Turbo


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Jan 23, 2012
Hello everyone,
I am in the process of finding a place to weight my car and lowering my gear ratios. But I have a couple questions. So far I only was to the track once, I was running out of gear though so I am switching my 3.73’s for 331’s I bought. I ran an 11.8 at 125.xx with a 1.9 60’ and was asked to leave, no roll cage. I was running a 215 POS goodyear street tire. I was actually hooking very hard not even spinning, my issue was I was pushing through the brakes. They suck I am trying to fix them maybe that will help or switch to rear disk. With ALL that said my questions are below. I plan on adding a Roll cage during the winter just don’t have the funds right now.

1. With that said what do you think the weight of my car is with these spec’s below and a on3 Turbo kit. Oh I am a big dude 6.1 and 320lbs

2. What should my goal be with this car running the ¼ the car made 512whp, and 498wtq. I want something to judge how well I am driving and how well my setup is. Oh I am a big dude 6.1 and 320lbs.. I don’t want times of if you strip the car and run straight up slicks or do this or that to lighten it up. Just what you think as it sits now or any minor adjustments that might help, I would consider drag radials to once I begin spinning these.

3. I push through the brakes. Without changing my stall, which is supposed to be 3k it pushes through brakes at like 2500, should I convert rear brakes? Or I was quotes $120 to add a Trans brake. Are they hard on the car, like dropping the clutch?

Bottom End
Stock Block :eeek:
forged TRWs
forged I beam rods

Top End
Trick Flow Heads
Ferra 2.02 1.60 valves
Mild Porting done
Trick Flow stage 2 Cam
New Fel-pro head gasket
ARP head studs.
Edelbrock performer Upper and Lower intake manifold. (also Installed using ARP studs I know not a big deal just laying it all out there)

Misc. Stuff
Under drive Pully set
No Smog Pump
No HVAC stuff. Removed blower and everthing from inside dash.

Was a T5, I swapped to a Fully built AOD with a Lentech Manual Valve Body and 3k stall.
373 gears with Ford Racing traction Loc Diff
Aluminum drive Shaft

Fuel System
60lb Injectors
PMAS- MAF kit setup for the 60lb injectors
340lph Fuel Pump

Full UPR Chromoloy K-member and control arms. With Strange coil over strut conversion. Up front, with Ebiech sway bars.
UPR Upper and lower rear control arms, and Strange coil over conversion with Ebiach rear sway bar upgrade.
MM Full Length Sub Frame Connectors

3 Gugae Pillar- with boost, Trans Temp, and Air/Fuel ratio all digital. Looks great!
Leather seats from 2002 GT convert
B&M Console ratchet shiver.
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Jun 14, 2010
With the AOD I would not run any gear lower than a 3.55 I bet you pick up considerably with just a gear swap. How many mph did it gain between the 1/8th and 1/4?

If you are running a Lentech converter, maybe they can re-stall it?