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  1. It's April. All the New Years resolutioners are out of the gym and back to their normal eating habits and lazy schedules. All the gyms by my house are now empty on my way home from work/school/grocery store.

    Stangnet has add the fat bellys jiggling and the pic of that decent looking girl who lost weight. But now, I see a guy with his shirt off with abs before/after.

    Mods/Admin...Do you think we could make these ads go away now? It is April.

  2. +1 although mods have no control over ads. I agree though, all the students on campus that were going on spring break to a warm place have stopped working out and our rec is a graveyard. At least I haven't seen that Wii remote add anymore.
  3. Eating is one of the last pleasures of the flesh for older men...

    I look like I must have had lots of pleasure..:D
  4. +1 get rid of them annoying things
  5. So....where'd my thread get moved to? Some place that nobody goes into probably.
  6. It was relocated to the Feedback Area | Testing Zone....where it should have been posted. :p

    As for who brings you what ads, you need only look in the mirror. ;)
  7. You are what you eat and your web ads are based on the thread topics!

    Make more threads about hot women and less about fatties and we'll be fine... :D