Mach 1 Weight Loss Methods

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Mach1man22, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Hey guys I need to know why some methods of weight loss. From Cool Blue Performance I'm getting a tubular K member, tubular A Arms, and a coil over kit. At max that could take off around 70 lbs. I know Aluminum wheels are a source and I'm looking into that. By the way does anyone have an idea of how much weight aluminum wheels save? I'm getting a carbon fiber driveshaft and an LMC series clutch kit from Centerforce, with an aluminum flywheel. The clutch kit, without the flywheel, weighs 12 lbs, so I'm wondering how much weight thats saving over the regular clutch. Does anyone have any idea, or even a ballpark guess, as to how much the carbon fiber driveshaft, flywheel and clutch are saving togeather? The real reason I created this thread was to find out what else I can do to help this stang lose some weight. And don't say the back seat!! I love my mach 1 seat and I'm not going to throw them out over 40 lbs. Anything besides that I'm open for.

    Thanks guys look to hearing from you.
  2. weight loss starts at the driver. Honestly if your going that extream with weightloss that your going for a carbonfiber drive shaft and light flywheel and NOT taking out the back seat then your just not going to get too much weight off, not worth it.
  3. Loose the spare tire; The car's and yours (if applicable).