Engine Weird Cooling Issue

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ImportSlayer347, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. New gauge installed...still not fixed. I don't get it. The gauge has been in that same location for years without a problem. Now this weird stuff. So I assume the gauge is reading correctly. How is the temp at the back of the intake 20-30 degrees lower than everywhere else?!?!
  2. Not that it's going to fix anything, but I'd try the AM in the front driver's side location.If nothing else, that's the more accurate location and where you'll want the gauge connected.

    The rear ports are kind of a deadhead, hence the increased temps. It's not unusual to see a 35* difference between the ports.
  3. So I relocated the AM gauge to the stock gauge sender location. Working perfect! I am still curious as to why the intake is much cooler on the back side. Maybe an air pocket or something? It worked perfect in that rear location for years without a problem.
  4. The rear port is slow to react since there is not good flow. The gauge might have been reading close enough before that it wasn't noticeable. As to what changed of late where there was more a difference..??

    I'm glad you got it set-up to your liking. :nice:

  5. That's not the stock location.

    Stock location is front drivers side.

    Installing the sener at the rear of the intake gives readings that are slightly cooler than the front location

    Edit:just saw you actually did move the sender