Weird Electrical Problem

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  1. To begin, my car started fine a week ago. While messing around trying to decide if my new monte carlo bar will fit, I accidentally grounded out the starter solenoid and it sparked. An electric fan I had wired up turned on!? Then shut off. When I would open the door, the fan would come on for a little bit. I completely removed the fan and now when I try to start the car the solenoid clicks and I lose all power. No lights, horn nothing. Now if I leave it alone for a while like magic the power comes back on, but when I try to start it again its the same, click, lose all power. Brand new battery and solenoid. Looks like all fuses are not blown. Anybody have any idea where to check?
  2. sounds like a bad solenoid to me.
  3. The new solenoids do not seem to hold up as well as the old ones do . I have taken old ones from a wrecking yard and cleaned them up and they still outlast a new one. I have one from a 69 Mustang on my 35 ford pick up and it still works great . Nothing more enjoyable than having one of those new ones stick when you hit the key switch.
  4. I have something really screwy going on here. How is it possible to have 12v showing when i put one lead of a voltmeter to the negative batter and then the other lead on another peice of metal such as the engine block??
  5. sounds like something is on or shorted and you don't have a good ground:shrug:
  6. Ok, so I took my starter wire off the solenoid after all my power magically came back on, I then tried starting without it on and the solenoid clicks just fine. Never lost power. What in the starter would cause it to lose power and stay lost and then just come back on?
  7. More than 60 percent of all electrical problems are a result of a bad ground.
  8. Just a thought but check the starter cover shield ,if it spun a little it may be contacting the cable stud and grounding out.
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  9. Well, I had the starter and the battery tested and they're both fine. The cable going to the started has seen better days. Gonna replace it and hope for the best.
  10. Replaced the starter cable, tried to start once, next try, everything all power died. :bang:
  11. will it jump stat at the solenoid ? if it does it may be the key switch
  12. You know the wire that feeds power to the fusebox from the solenoid? It was showing continuity to ground when my car goes into this power down state. Being I shorted the solenoid I wonder if I fried something inside. I unplugged the fuse box inside from the harness to the engine and the continuity stopped. When I checked the 12v main feed to the key switch, with the key switch removed, it shows to ground. This is not right is it? Im hoping im closing in on the culprit.