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  1. So I'm putting the head gaskets on with my stock E7s and I'm looking at my felpro gaskets that I ordered a while back and the cooling jacket ports are not present on the rear side of the gaskets. As you guys know there are water jacket ports on the rear and front of both the heads and block. I don't want to put them on and have something happen such as a stuck piston. So should I order new head gaskets or just lay the gaskets on top of each other in reverse and exacto knife provisions in the gaskets? The beast needs to run.... Summers here! image.jpg

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  2. Hey, I don't thing they come with all ports punched. I left mine covered, I believe I read somewhere that it helps even the coolant flow.

    I could be wrong, I would wait and get a second opinion.

    I replaced my head gaskets with an MLS type. I have a super charged application, I've blown out all of the standard gaskets.
  3. That's the way they are supposed to be. They are labeled with the word "front" on one side. The head gasket blocks the water from flowing up to the head on the front side of the engine. It forces the water to travel to the back of the engine before going up to the heads and flowing forward to the water outlet.

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  4. That's what I thought :)