weird problem lol please help

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  1. car alarm remote stopped working today, randomly. so i changed the batteries, nothing. tonight when i was driving home i realized that my dome lights werent working, either is my trunk or under-hoods light. all as soon as my remote stopped working. wtf is going on? lol
  2. is there a reset or connect button hidden on it, or did you bump any dip switches in there while changing batt?
  3. dunno. i think i sat on my remote and my car alarm went off last night, turned it off haha.....woke up this morning tried to open my doors and it didnt work, had to use the key...then noticed my lights were off. no idea what happened lol
  4. what brand/make alarm? My old car had a viper system in it and i noticed if i bump the unlock button while it was unlocked the interior lights would stsy on killing the battery. How long have you had it and ever any other quirks or issues?
  5. pretty sure its the oem alarm, was in it when i bought it and from what i know its the standard alarm that came with the 94 gt's. sometimes i would have to aim it a certain way to unlock or lock the doors or had to be very close to the car for the remote to work. but, i did notice a few times over the past few days when i would open my car, and sit in it....and u know, get ready to start the car lol my doors would lock then open again by themselves...didnt really think much of it, jus thought my car was possessed lol but, thats the only things ive noticed. my dome light, hood light and trunk lights ive never had any issues with...they jus shut off when the remote :poo:.
  6. Have you checked fuse 8 in the interior fusebox?
  7. Stupid question.....where the hell is my fuse box? Lmao never had to use it. 94 gt
  8. Lay down on the driver's side floorboard and look up near the kick panel. You'll see the fusebox cover looking at you.
  9. fuse 8 is arent all the other ones that i could tell. Found another glitch though......when im inside the car and i hit the unlock/lock doors button on the door my brake lights, gauge lights (mph, gas, etc) and turn signals turn on, when i let it go they go off (wtf?) lol. wtf is goin on? lol.
  10. could something have triggered my car alarm remote and all this weird :poo: to happen? or could my alarm have just :poo: and cause mayhem? lol
  11. i read in my owners manual aswell that fuse 8 runs the radio, clock, dome light, trunk and hood lights......when i pull the fuse my radio and nothing works....when i put it back in my radio works, clock works....but my dome light, trunk light, hood light and glove box light still dont work.....i dont know, thinking about bringing it to a shop cause little stuff like this aggrevates me till its fixed. anyone have any suggestions?
  12. I suppose you could try disconnecting the harness to the alarm to see if things start acting normally.

    I seem to recall someone having had water damage with an alarm module and having some similar issues in the past. This was years ago - anyone following along remember anything about that?
  13. ^^thats funny cause i brought my car to the electronics mechanic today. theres a small/golfball size hole in my wheel-well so water was shooting up where the rke module was in the trunk. ****in :poo: lol. where can i order the module from? and is it actually called the rke module? and any clues to how much these run for?
  14. and how the hell do i fix the hole? lmao.
  15. Pics would help but you'll probably end up doing a patch repair. You could do some temporary patching in the meanwhile.

    On the module, are there any legible OEM part numbers or anything on it? Best to go from that because it's exactly what's in your car.
  16. Ight yea ill try to see what it says on it. Ans what could I do to temp patch it
  17. aight well i ripped my trunk apart to find out after they told me the module was damaged that they removed it and im guessing threw it away. they tied up the harnass that was attached to it though, who the hell knows if thats damaged too lol. the guy had told me to check junk yards for the same year as my car, so maybe he knew it was a stock oem module? i dunno. and i took a couple pictures but gotta figure out how the **** to get them on here haha