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  1. So i was walking into seven eleven to pick up a 200 pack of condoms and this older guy walking out of 711 with no shoes on meets me at the door and says... " Is that your mustang?" Im like... yeah it is... hes like WOW nice ride... i say thanks.. he says "Can i have a ride?" im like... uh..........................................................................

    " I dont even know you... im kinda busy... "
    hes like

    " Oh ok "

    .... that kinda freaked out a little bit.

    711 man said he thought he was gay
  2. he thought you were SEXY HAHAHA
  3. Isnt it kinda flattering now that you know you can pick up guys and girls in your ride....well, maybe not....
  4. someone likes you:rlaugh:
  5. ballons are usually cheaper than condoms if you're planning on becoming a drug mule:nice:
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. Off topic,
    but I havent seen a 7/11 in years, didnt know they were still around. Kinda like Zippy's...

    Ok back to topic
    There aint know way I would take a strange dude for a ride in my car.
  8. at least you had condoms in case he tried something
  9. wtf ... we dont have 200 packs of condoms at any 711's over here :(

    only place to get them in that big of a pack is costco
  10. I was at an auto parts store the other day when a bum came up to me while I was filling up my windshield washer fluid in the lot. Of course he compliments me on my Mach and then goes into his "I need $8 for gas, I'm stranded" crap. Those people tick me off so much. I just told him "No" and gave him a really pissed off look. Then he went to the outside of the bank that was next door and was begging people as they came out of the bank. :rlaugh:
  11. it kinda reminds me of there something about mary when he picks up the hitch hiker

    "seven minute abs it'll be a workout breakthrough i'll make millions..."
    yeah until someone comes up with six minute abs"
    "no not six's the key number here...step into my office...cause you're f***ing fired!"
    if i were you i would change my name and move out of town cause he might like enough to do the unthinkable and i don't know about you but being seduced by a man just aint right (if this statement offended you then you are gay and you should drive a volkswagon or a mini cooper or something)
  12. 200 pack of condoms. Now that I'm married that would be a life-time supply.

    Shoulda told the guy he had to go wash his feet off first before touching your carpet, then just took off.

  13. Ouch... the good ol ball n chain :nonono:
  14. prolly could have got some dome:rlaugh:

    thats crazy i would have got the hell out of there
  15. I hate that, there are bums all over the city where I work, always in the same spots too, asking for money. Some have better clothes then I do, like polo, guess jeans, etc wtf. :nonono: One of the well-to-do bums always sits outside my bank, what a fuggin hassle.
  16. Can you say "Road Head". A 200 pack of condoms, are you planning on a multiple hooker gang bang? :rlaugh: More power to you, just watch out for those skezze hobos.
  17. i wish my 711 sold 200 packs