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  1. A 200 pack?? **** do you star in **** or something??
  2. He doesn't trust his hand. His hand has been cheating on him and he doesn't want teh VD.:D

  3. yeah actually... i was in this one movie where there was 2 chicks and... wow... holy crap... a

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  4. Some hot drunken college chick once screamed at me that she'll blow me, if i gave her my car.

    I screamed back at her "my car is too nice for that", and i drove off

    what a wierdo....

    If she said she'd blow me if i gave her ride, would have been different story..
  5. I hear that! :D

    For the **** star: that would be 200 reasons I wouldn't go back to that 7-11.

    200? Hot damn. :flag: :shrug: