Weld Prostars Hitting Brake Clips

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  1. Guys.. I just converted my 93 to 5 lug to put Prostars on it.. I had gotten a set of back ones with the car when I bought it.. I drove 3 hours to get the skinnys.. Yesterday I converted the front, put the wheels on and they wouldn't move.. I thought that was weird.. I tried to move it with a little forces and could tell it was hitting the clips.. I flattened out the clips but its still awfully close, maybe an 1/8 of an inch.. Is it a backspace issue? Is there an easy solution like a 1/8 spacer? Id hate to not use these wheels since it was a hike to get them. Thanks..

    I attached a pic of what I had to do..

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  2. From LMR website:

    ***Will Not Clear Cobra Brakes*** a 1/4" spacer is required and grinding of the caliper braket may be required

    Ive seen guys grind the calipers and or use a spacer. Both work
  3. That's the weird thing I'm not using cobra brakes.. Its the stock 93 calipers with 84-86 SVO rotors.. I ordered spacers last night..
  4. I had that issue with draglites and SVO calipers. I just ground the radius off the clip. It makes the pad a little harder to install but they cleared and i never had an issue.
  5. I think those clips just provide tension on the pad to prevent it from rattling. The pad is supported on the edges by the backing plate where it contacts the spindle.

    two solutions really. A small spacer, or modify the clips.

    I personally would modify the clips, as slip on spacers scare me. I'd at least upgrade the studs