weld wheels need info...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 91lxntch, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. im wanting to get a set of weld draglites 15's
    15x8 rear 15x3.5 front
    what backspacing to get and what tire size on the rear shoudl i run for the drag radial, will i need to remove the quad shocks or roll the fenderwell let me know all info you got,was looking to run bfg d.r 275/50-15
  2. Thats the same size wheel and tire that I run. No fender rolling required. Just
    flip your quad shocks and your good to go.
  3. lets make a deal on them are they in good shape..etcetc...i dont really need the tires though ...i bought tires off of ebay tonight ... :)

    can you elaborate more on the quad shocks? what do you meen by flip them ..i am assuming you meen upside down will they bolt directly on what kind of fabrication is required
  4. What for rear suspension do you have? Depending on that you can remove the quad shocks. You also take the risk of the tire hitting the rear lips with out rolling them, when my car squated hard it hit the side wall of a 275/50/15 BFG Radial, it would be best to roll them for saftey purposes.

    15" x 8" with 5.5" backspace
  5. No fabrication needed, just flip and bolt 'em back down! I would imagine you'll have to remove the quads and roll the fenders for a tire that wide. I had to remove my quads to get my 245/60's on... every car is different. Oh, and get 5.5" B.S..

  6. thanks for the reply..right now suspension will be stock..so ill need to keep the quad shocks..anyone have any tips on how to roll the lip ....

    any notchback pics with welds???
    im in the market..lolol
  7. 91lxntch I have replied to your pm with the details :nice: