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  1. image.jpg Does anyone have experience with Eastwood Welders. They get great reviews and have a good warranty and an excellent price.
  2. It looks like my Hobart 110 probably made by the same company and just branded different name and I know you pay for the name on tools like snap on, Matco, ect I owe both of them a lot of money
  3. To be honest i have a harbor freight tools one and its not that great. In my opinion i would stay away from flux core wire... You dont get a clean weld... I know from experience.
  4. does it come with a spool gun?
  5. I have that welder and think its great for "light duty" welding.It comes with the spool gun for aluminum. My brother has a Lincoln mig and when he used mine he said it works just as good as his.I have used it for panel repairs, welding taps to a bumper for of road lights, welding bar stock for amplifier racks.
  6. That's good news it does come with a spool gun . Thanks for all of your input
  7. And it is currently on sale for 599.00 complete as shown
  8. thats a great deal, the spool gun for my miller is around $1000 by its self .thats why i dont have it yet
  9. Yes I bet it is. I know that this is not a miller or a lincoln, but then again I'm not building a battle ship. It's good to hear other members not bashing a unit just because it doesn't have a brand name. If I decide to order one I will let every one know how it works out . Of course it may be a while because I have to learn how to weld first.
  10. wire feed is a little easier to weld with ,shouldn't take you long
  11. have you done any welding ? if not do you have any one close by that can give you any pointers? also get a good self darkening helmet they keep your hands free ,you wont have to keep flipping the helmet up and down to see what you are doing and you can concentrate on the weld
  12. There is no one close to give me any pointers but I have decided on a Hobart Handler 190, with all the proper safety equipment. I figure if I buy a premium unit I will know it's not the welder giving me problems as a beginner, it will be my lack of experience. Also all the welding I will be doing will be out of sight and I plan to do a lot of practice first. There are also a ton of You Tube videos on mig welding that I plan to study before I start . I will keep you posted.
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  13. welding with a mig is much easier than almost any other welder .you pretty much set the proper temp and speed and pull the trigger and a welding you will be . you will pick it up quickly