Well here is a few pics of my Camaro. 56k warning!

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  1. Well the mustang I am looking for a decent donor for a T5 swap so she will be my daily driver again. But while I am doing that here are pics of my camaro.

    I added the Iroc style taillights in this pic
    H4 conversion. you 4 eye guys REALLY NEED to do this!
    my 20 dollar tach

    Just some info.
    1989 Camaro RS LO3 (305 TBI) TH700r4
    160,xxx miles
    Factory posi
    Factory lexan ttops
    For those wondering mods and money invested here.
    Glass Ttops
    Kenwood 6x9's (3 way)
    Kenwood 300 watt amp
    Kicker 10inch Comp Vr sub
    JVC head unit
    Autogage Tach
    Polyurethane Sway bar links (front and rear)
    Polyurethane Transmission mount
    Hi flo Cat
    Hooker Aerochamber Cat back (3 inch)
    Edelbrock strut tower brace
    Edelbrock springs
    Crane Hi 6 ignition
    Pilot foglights (Piaa bulbs)
    trans am 32mm front sway bar
    Iroc Wonderbar
    Performance Friction Z rated Front brake pads

    As for the motor sitting beside the car which is the new motor
    1991 Corvette L98 350 40xxx short block
    Ported polished Big valve Chevy 461 casting cylinder head
    Crane Cams NX288 Nitrous Grind cam (Coming soon)
    Mighty Demon 750CFM 4bbl carb (coming soon)
    Edelbrock performer RPM manifold
    Harland Sharp 1.6 Roller Rockers (coming soon)
    heddmen Long tube headers (coming soon)
    Havent decided on mufflers yet.
    Nitrous Oxide Systems Dual stage nitrous kit (coming soon)
    Built 200R4 tranny (coming soon)
    Odds and ends.

    Iroc steering wheel (next week)
    New shocks and struts (next week)
    Iroc grill (next week)
    Glass clear H4 set Hi and low beam with daytime running lights (next week)
    90-92 Camaro Dash kit (next week)
    90-92 Arm rests (next week)
    New hatch struts (next week)
    Incase your wondering I got a good deal on parts from a guy! lol

    Yes the mustang should be up and running before next winter. Poor car.
    But the Camaro is coming along nicely.
    1/4 mile times we are guessing with traction low 11's
    After all the parts are bought we are looking at about 3200 dollars.
    Right now I am hovering only at 1900 with the parts I do have. This includes the price of the car which was 800 dollars. 1900 also includes any and all repairs I have made in the car.
    Ask anything you want.
  2. enough about that overpriced paper wieght lets talk mustangs ;) lol id say skip out on the tach and buy a leaf blower! ehe eheeh , life is great when you go start up your motor and your intake is full of suprise'z. the 350 looks clean (pretty awsome motor, i will admit that!) though im not a real fan of the camero style , always reminded me of the show magnum P.I. for some reason. :shrug: aaaaaaaaanyways, need to focus that camera on that nice lookn notch ...theres a big red thing in the way :p

  3. lol i didnt really care for camaro's still really dont. But everything has been so cheap. I am going to be running low 11's for under 4g's! lol

    I will take some pics of the Stang when the snow melts.
  4. I like it. I'm that Mustang owner that likes Camaro's you may have heard about.
  5. Wanna race?

    I can live with 'em...I give him crap about that camaro all the time though ;) I almost got an LT1 4th gen before the '94GT
  6. heh but arent you glad you got the slower GT? at least its cheaper to mod than the LT1 and I think SN95's can look mean as all hell

    But as for my camaro lol just try to beat me dollar for dollar!

    <---- Team Broke AZZ Racing!
  7. Nice looking 3rd gen. :nice: Theres no reason you cant enjoy the best of both worlds. As long as it's American it's cool in my book.

    I had 2 Irocs and an '81. Also had an '87 GN powered triple black Z28 Convertable that ran 11.40's and took 1st place in every show.
    My current Camaro is a '99 LS1 convertable. Best time so far is 10.30's at 130+ on E.T Drag slicks and it puts down 567.8 RWHP. Oh yeah, It's fully street legal, fairly quiet and draws every girls attention. When i get sick of this one i might shoot for a Retro Cortez Silver '69 with a big block and a 2 stage. :hail2:

    EDIT: Cant get pics to work. Hears a link.


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  8. Most of the club is expecting me to pull low 11's like 11.2 and such. Which isnt too bad for my total investment. However since this posting I lost 3rd and 4th gear in my 700R4 so I will be buying an ew trans sooner than expected. here are 2 more pics.
    the first one is my camaro my good friend liz's car and another guy from another site that is called nismo for obvious reasons. The 2nd pics is my new 2nd H4 conversion with daytime running lights. [​IMG]
    On a side note if anyone knows of any 200R4 trannies good or bad near stl let me know! I need at least a rebuidable core!!!! Thanks!!