well i bought the bullitt and now im scared

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  1. for those of you who have follow my purchase of the bullitt... remind you its a 2001 bullitt with a paxton SC running 6psi (dynod 340HP 358 TQ) and the whole tuner diablo kit tuned by shaun in southern cali.

    i bought it today and i didnt have much time to drive it in the daytime so i went out with my friend at around 10... we went on an onramp that is way way uphill... needless to say i left my rectum at the entrence to the onramp... we went around for 3 more passes up the ramp... that was insane.

    later that night i went with my other buddy and i saw some kid i know in a blue del sol that looks like a tonka toy at a stop sign. again needless to say i will never do that again i scared myself ****less with all the power.

    the car is awesome and insane and sounds like a damn airplane taking off...

    ill post some pics as soon as i can.. my parents are going to love it :notnice:

    all in all im impressed 120% ten fold.
  2. I don't understand what scared you? The only thing that scares me at high speeds is the fear of cops :-D.

    Congrats on the car!
  3. nice car! but i always though a supercharged Bullitt would crank a little more hp than 340
  4. Be afraid. Be very very afraid!
  5. prob low boost
  6. definately low boost...
  7. since yur scared, ill trade ya. straight up
  8. didnt u say 397 hp?
  9. He probably was talking about FWHP. at 15% its pretty close ayways.
  10. 397 at the flywheel

    he dynod 333HP to the wheels 350TQ somehing like that... i keep forgetting so the numbers change daily :rolleyes:
  11. You've obviously never driven a high horsepower car then have you?

    I didn't know Mustangs were FWD. =P
  12. Oops...didn't mean to let that lil secret get out. ;)
  13. That depends on your definition of high. The most I've driven was a 280hp Infiniti
  14. Welcome to the V8 world, even though your car would own mine.

    still teh sixer can neva lose
  15. yes, all mustangs have a flywheel, dumbass.
  16. However, :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    I have to say I admire the power, however in turn, you are already becoming what we all hate, and what at one point in your life you hated. The big bad GT beating up on lil 6'ers nad rice rockets, thinking he is bad ass. If you want to prove you're badass, race another car that is comporable to yours. Or some dumbass ricer who thinks he can beat you, but don't just go up to random del sol's and whatnot and blow them away and think your d*ck grew an inch or two....trust me it hasnt.
  17. FWHP = fly wheel ponies... obviousely you didnt get what he was saying, losing about 15% of the power from the flywheel to the wheels, so ~397 turns into roughly 350-355 at the wheels.
    Thanks to me, Mr.obvious!
  18. Scared of power? God you people are wusses.
  19. Actually, the correct term for horsepower measured at the flywheel is BHP or Brake Horsepower.
  20. Well, if he doesn't come in here bashing the 6, then he's not what we would call someone we hate.

    Hell, I'd love a Cobra, but it just isn't within my limits to get one.