well i bought the bullitt and now im scared

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  1. a car with that much hp is something to be feared by a newbie driver thats only used to half that hp....

    crank up teh boost push 400 bhp! WOOT :spot:

    i was lucky enough to drive my uncles 03 cobra (teh new s/c one) and it almost scared the S-H-I-T outta me the first time i pushed :eek: it feals like the things just gonna fly up in the air or somethin the way the back end sits down...
  2. soo.......pics?
  3. What sort of rearend gearing does that Bullit come with? I'd say get more HP to the wheels with some lower gears.But of course,It allready flies. :D

    My definition of high horsepower cars...Well,I must say I have some major competition for that Bullit of yours.My stock 5.0 AOD Vert. will smoke that thing in a flash. :rolleyes: :rlaugh: Yeah right.Congrats man! And be nice to her....
  4. Don't feel bad about these jerks saying that you shouldn't be afraid. Honestly if you weren't atleast a bit afraid of racing on the street with that kind of power you should really be checked out by a psychiatrist. All I can really tell you is what my dad told me as soon as I got my car " Sure there are speed limits and you should follow them when necissary, but if for whatever reason you want to go faster only go as fast as you feel safe, don't worry about what the other people going faster or trying to race you might think. Atleast you'll be waking up the next morning in your bed and not in jail or a morgue." Probably some of the best driving advise I have ever gotten especially since it's coming from a veteran Gasoline truck driver.

    Thanks dad!
  5. Hey exindust I can honestly say that I am jealous. I would LOVE to have that car. But alas with my current insurance (and number of speeding tickets just with my six alone) I cannot afford one. Stomp on her once for all of us who can't. Just do so safely.
  6. yes remember when you still spinning the goodyears in third, all of us 6ers
  7. BHP, i thought it was base horsies?

  8. RIGHT ON!!
  9. Nope, the correct terminology for flywheel HP is Brake Horsepower
  10. dammit, pics?
  11. You could make crazy power by gettin that boost up. Guy with a highly modded supercharged sixer on the 3.8 website put down 359HP/338TQ on 10 or 12lbs.
  12. I agree, can't forget where you came from.

    U still gotta respect and give props to the 3.8L. :nice:

    Besides, save it for the track. There are bigger and badder V8s you can poke fun at. Hell, some may even smoke ya! :D

    Can't be a bully cuz you know better eh? Specially now that you got a 4.6L. :hail2:

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  14. he left i think.
  15. What a wus :rlaugh:

  16. or he wasnt real?
  17. he last posted in a topic on the 9th... he shuld still be here, just not... 'here'
  18. How do you wake up in a morgue?