well i bought the bullitt and now im scared

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  1. sorry guys i have been insanely busy at work working 14 hour days every day plus i have found out some crap that needs to be replaced and fixed

    i ve installed so far

    new fuel filter
    hi volume fuel pump
    lightning 90mm maf
    anderson powerpipe
    and a reburn

    so all this just to fix the damn thing im around 800 bucks with everything all said and done

    so as soon as i can afford batteries for my camera ill get pics.

    <----- :owned: yesi bought the car broken and didnt know it.
  2. :stupid: :hail2: You know, I believe you worded that EXACTLY like I was going to... :D :nice:
  3. dude chris give me a break if you saw one of your buddies on the road the very first day you got your car you wouldnt be the least bit tempted? sorry for being NORMAL and EXCITED about a new car i highly doubt you floored your yellow6er the day you got it ... RIGHT!? :notnice: :bs:

    besides i have built friends here and mac hookups through travis and the v6 is what made me fall in love with mustangs im the same guy just with 2 more cylinders and a blower and i dont drive like a moron and i havent floored it since that night
  4. damnit, i've never driven a car over 300bhp yet. :(

    sat in plenty, but i want to drive something fast!

    either way man, be careful. don't mess that car up or you'll have some 'stang owners **** you up. ;)
  5. i went from driving a six cylinder mustang to driving a 400 hp to the wheels 79 corvette with 456 gears at the track, wasnt scared but i did take it easy at first so i could get the feel for it