Well, i finally need a new car

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  1. :( My Stang has finally convinced me that the time has come to get something a little more reliable for now. Since i highly respect everyone's opinion in here, though i don't post very often, i'd thought i'd ask you guys for your thoughts...

    I want to know what you guys think as far what make and model and everything. My requirements are as follows:

    1. Car must be fairly reliable, i can't have it breaking down on me once a month.

    2. I'd really really prefer not to have a rice rocket, like a civic or something, i would like something with a little style. i'm ok with a corolla or something along those lines, but i would still prefer something diffrent, like maybe a newer stang for example.

    3. Car must be within my budget of 6500. I simply can't afford to purchase anything more expensive.

    4. Car should be fairly cheap to maintain, but i'm ok with spending a little more on gas, if it means i'll have a bigger more powerfull engine. I like to drive fast.....

    So, any suggestions? I actually really like the newer stangs qutie a bit, maybe i have a biased opinion. What do you guys know about them as far as reliability, insurance cost etc. (obviously it's more expensive then say a corolla, but anything else would be nice, especially if i need to be warned about things)

    Anyway thanks for the help.
  2. my opinion, find a nice 93-97 crown vic or grand marquis. with some judicious shopping you can find a good one for about 3500, and the hop it up with a supercharger, if you so choose. you get all the comfort you dont get with a mustang, plenty of room for you and 5 friends. plus you also have enough car to tow your stang should you need to.
  3. You could always get a new(ish) V6 Mustang. I know my wife's 96 V6 would sell for considerably less than $6,500, and it is still fun to scoot around town with a 5spd and still have more cylinders than most cars.
  4. I've got a 1998 Jetta, 2.0, 5 speed, with 72000 miles for sale in the "Other Fords" section of the Classifieds here. Puts a whopping 115 hp to the flywheel. Too bad you are on the west coast.
  5. thanks for the feedback. any cars you guys think i really shouldn't get? I take it from some of the feedback that the newer mustangs aren't that bad....
  6. get a vw with a 2.0 and a 5spd, like a 1996-1998. You can find em for around 4 grand, and I know how to put under a grand in em and get over 200 hp. Plus they look nice, great hp, and they are NOT rice rockets. We own 2 vws, going on 3 hopefully.
  7. my vote is newer jeep cherokee with the 4.0 six, good power, decent mileage, can haul most anything i need it to, including stang parts (well mostly stang parts) and they run forever, mine has 175,000 miles and still runs like a top, wouldn't trade it for anything................except another cherokee :D oh and they're comfy too and despite being an SUV it handles really well, better than most family cars i've driven including my wife's old 96 monte carlo that we thankfully don't have any more, it was a great car but it was a chevy :notnice:
  8. Late 80s - early 90s Toyota Pickup

    3" body lift, new wheels, and BFG All-Terrains.

    You could get one in pretty decent shape for under $6500 w/low milage. Those motors last forever too. Well built trucks.
  9. Even though the new 2005 Stang is the talk of the town, the present body style Stang is really nice too. My son has a 2002, V6, auto with 17 inch wheels. It looks awesome, even though it's not very fast. Remember, any used car will require repairs eventually, so judging by your budget, get something that you can work on. I may get flamed for this, but please, no Mazda Miata!
  10. I used to drive my '66 daily. Then I got a gf (now my fiance). I bought her a beater '91 Skylark. She wanted something more reliable, so we went and got the '01 GT. :nice: She loves it, I love it. I drive the '66 for a week and she drives the '01. Then we switch. It's a very nice car, more people notice the '66 though. If you can afford car payments, go for the newer body style. That $6k would make a nice down payment. My '01 was about $18k with a $1,500 down payment. Payments are $309 for 60 months.
  11. What about a 90's T-bird. Or a Crown Vic. You could get a decent fox body for 5 grand. I personally like the small F-150 flaresides, before they went to the more round body style. One kinda low, with wide tires under the the flares, and mellow exhuast.
  12. WoW

    Its guys like you that realy should not be on a mustang form
    Toyota :notnice:
  13. You could get '98-'01 Pontiac Grand Prix GT for that price. It's nice full size car, even though it has 200hp pushrod 3.8L V-6, it feels like V-8 cuz it has low final gear drive - around 3.90, no kidding (I know cuz I have '00 GP GT) and gets around 28-30 on the highway with overdrive.

    There's no reason why old mustangs can't be made to be reliable... I have '68 which is driven daily and it still runs great everyday.
  14. How firm are you on the cheap to fix thing? Probe GT, 2'nd generation, go with a 94/95 OBDI or if you've got a scanner, the 96/97 with OBDII. They are really nice road cars, the 2.5L V6 moves out (manual trans a must) and the rear cargo area is HUGE for hauling all kinds of stuff (I hauled home an Escort hood in there once) and they pull 25 MPG.
  15. I sold my (late) wife's '93 T-Bird V-6 recently for under $4k and it was in top shape. Decent power, VERY smooth, quiet and comfortable (IRS!!), and super reliable. Shouldn't be difficult to find one of those a bit newer in your price range. Ford built them very strong and sold lots of them.