Well i got my car and i LOVE IT.

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  1. I got back into town monday i picked it up last firday in MI and made my trip back to FL was right out 1500 miles. Car is a blast to drive on the hwy. Stop and go traffic the car doesnt feel fast has to do with the 3.31 rear gear but up top she really pulls.

    here is a post i made with Photos in it page 1 and 2

  2. Awesome, I love blue and white combo. :nice: :nice: :nice:

    If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay?
  3. You are da Man! Congrats on that blue new born stallion! :)
  4. Which dealer in MI did you buy it from (if you don't mind answering the Q)? :shrug:
  5. Each delaer had to pay a 1500.00 fee to sell the GT500. I talked to the salesmen at the dealer and he told me they were not going to be part of it. Well i guess i buged him enough because he called me back and told and told me to make him an offer i offer him 2k over. And he jumped at it. 46,522.xx out the door

    The dealer was Siemans Ford In Bridgman, Michigan
  6. That is a fantastic deal... What was the MPG like on your trip down I-75?
  7. Congrats... According the Carguy1919, on another thread, you were DILLUSIONAL for thinking you'd get your car close to MSRP any time soon.... So much for that post.... ;) Nice colors, now I'm wishing I hadn't been so emphatic about going with red so that it would match my '68 KR.
  8. I got over 20+ mpg on the trip back. City driving aroud 10- mpg and, as of this weekend i put on my new frpp exh. i seen as low as 8mpg but she sounds goooood
  9. :eek: Get a tow hitch and put a fuel trailor on the back of that thing. You'll need it.:D
  10. 20 on the HGY is great considering the weight / horsepower and realitive "new-ness" of the motor.
  11. That si one of the best deals i have heard yet for the GT500. I love the color.....congrats!
  12. Congrats.

    I got blue and grey stripes